15 July 2011

A couple of weeks ago I shared our sneak peeks (here & here) with you from our photo session with the uber-talented Claire Wise.

Well, now that I have all of the gorgeous photos in one place, I can't resist sharing a few more home runs from this amazing photographer and friend.

May I?

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And, I know I already showed you this one, but...

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...it's so funny to see what happened in the very next frame:

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Also, this may be one of my very favorites.

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Shoot. Maybe it's this next one. I can't decide.
(I do think this next one will go in our living room nice and big and lovely - since it has all four of us.)

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And I have to show this one because it's so cute. I think we were fixing to kiss here but we all just ended up all happily mashed together. I like it!

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This is one I really wanted to get. Hazel was just getting comfortable standing/walking on her own when we shot these and I was loving the way she would stand still and lean in when I offered her something tasty. So, I packed a couple of rocket pops in a cooler (which didn't do much good in the extreme heat) and my little girl performed beautifully. (Wouldn't you if your Mama gave you a rocket pop on a hot summer day?)

I love her careful little hands.

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There are so many great ones, but I just wanted to share a few more. Thanks for humoring me!

Also, was I right about how fab Claire is? My goodness I adore her!

Happy Friday, friends! Have a lovely weekend.


Melanie {kevinandmel.com} said...

GORGEOUS photos. Claire really is great! and it doesn't hurt that you have the most beautiful family ever. :D

Wandering On Purpose said...

Those are fabulous pictures.

Monica said...


Laura Darling said...

Adorable! I love Oliver's shirt!

shannon said...

They are all just beautiful glimpses of your family, but that last one is a treasure. The colors, the bare feet of summer, the popsicle and preserving that moment when your daughter was just stepping out of babyhood.....perfect!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh my goodness, love these. My most favorite is the one of you and Ryan with your faces together. So much joy on everyone's faces!!! So fun :D

Ashley said...

Gorgeousness! Amazing!!!

TimeForLemonade said...

The texture of the barn makes the pictures especially brilliant. What a beautiful family. I agree - the one with the little bicycle is so fun :)