29 July 2011







When we got Oliver that blue camera for Christmas he ran around the house having us and our family pose for pictures. At one point we were walking down the stairs, he turned around and snapped a picture of me. Then he "showed" me the pic and said, "I'll send it to your faceblog!"

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

Hazel's camera (a birthday gift from Claire!) is from Little Sapling Toys on Etsy. (You can't see, but it has her name on the front).

Oliver's camera was purchased from Twig Creative on Etsy.


Angela C. said...

I love Hazel with her backwards camera!! Those pics should turn out interesting!

The Morrisons said...

Love those littles. Can't wait to spend some QT with you guys!

Kristen516 said...

Love Hazel and the backward camera...that's how my girls used to play with ours!

Emily said...

Oliver looks like a professional.. like he's adjusting his lens! If those pictures turn out like my little one's they'll have little fingers in all the pictures!

Taylor said...

SO cute. Have I ever said how much Hazel looks like my daughter? Twice my own husband has walked up behind me while I was reading your blog and said, "Is that Waverly?" They seriously look like they could be related!

Lynzie said...

Random question...where is the post that you did with your dinner swap? My neighbors and I want to try it and I LOVED your post but I can't find it, thanks in advance!

Raechel said...

Lynzie - the post is here: http://www.raechelmyers.com/2010/09/coq-au-vin-for-20.html

Hope it goes well for you! I'd love to hear!

Lynzie said...

Thank you very much! I'll let ya know. Love your blog, love your family!

Elle said...

"I'll send it to your faceblog." I am so laughing. Oliver, Oliver, thank you. I needed that.

Sarah-Anne said...

ohmygoodness with the cuteness!! that is too precious. and the "faceblog" comment?! i'm dying over here; adorbs!

Christine said...

Haha, Faceblog. Teehee. He obviously doesn't use the Google machine too often.