28 September 2008

I just couldn't resist. I came across these two videos from Oliver's first Christmas in 2006. It could just be because I'm his Mommy, but I really think they're pretty hilarious!

In this first one, he pretty much has the most pitiful cry I've ever seen.

And, in the second, the transition from laughing to crying is almost indistinguishable.


Christine Case said...

Oh, the poor little guy! So pitiful! He just broke my heart. Was he really ever that little? If you remember, we stopped by your home just a few days before Christmas that year and met Oliver for the first time. Also, the Scout ate his Ice Bat. What a momentous first Christmas! (You will be happy to know that a couple weeks ago, during a midnight diaper change, I found that my husband had written happy sharpie messages on a few of Charlotte's diapers, something you had taught us when we saw you that December.)

Susan said...

His little cry breaks my heart. Makes me want to pick him up and give him love.