23 September 2008

I encourage you all to watch the following videos, pulled from Dr. Grant's blog, The Quick and the Dead. It's nauseating to hear the way Barak Obama, an American presidential candidate, views the sanctity of human life, both by refusing to support the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, and by supporting an organization which takes human life and even targets minority races.

Yes, this subject is very close to my own heart. Our Evie very well could have been one of those babies left to die alone if we had not chosen to protect her from the abortion options we were offered. Instead, she was safe and loved in my womb until she was taken home. I cannot imagine leaving my own child to die alone, no matter what may be "wrong" with it. We chose to protect her life, and we choose to protect other lives like hers. They are of great value in the sight of the Lord.


Christine Case said...

I couldn't even watch half of the first video, it made me so sick to my stomach. I did especially appreciate the second.