19 September 2008

Hello, Friends! Brace yourself for a slew of photos. I was looking through the photos on my camera, and couldn't help but chuckle at the crazy ensembles I have let Oliver parade around in this week. I hope you'll be as entertained as I was!

Saturday morning:
No funny outfit, but sweetest little thing to see him cuddled up on the sofa with his baby watching Signing Time. I set him up there at about 6:30 that morning because I was headed out for Fieldstone Farms garage sale day and Ryan wasn't yet ready to face the day.

Later that day:
I returned home with a funny winter hat (Ryan later informed me that we need to be careful what kinds of hats we put on him. Because he doesn't have a big head of hair, he can occasionally look a bit goofy). He is, of course, carrying around his number one toy.


Sunday morning:
Oliver was dressed and handsome for church, and then insisted upon wearing his new, silly winter hat while the rest of us got ready. We didn't foresee that at some point he would need to part with the silly hat. Fast forward to time to get out of the van to go into church and a huge meltdown because Mommy and Daddy felt like it might be inappropriate for him to wear said silly hat to church where he may become somewhat of a spectacle. We went ahead and chose that battle. And we won.

The following day (Monday):
Still wearing the hat, and now also wearing mitten.
It is important to note here three things:
1. This is his first pair of mittens ever that have thumbs - he's growing up!
2. It was 80 degrees or more outside
3. The oh, so dear golf club

Later that day:
Oliver was ready for bed, and Daddy was headed to Bible Study. We decided to play outside for a little bit while we waited for Katie to come over for a visit. A perfect opportunity to wear froggy boots.
I'll note here that Oliver is doing the sign for "motorcycle" - notice the right hand revving - and talking about "Daddad" (Granddad).

Tuesday (Rebecca's Birthday!):
Beatrice spent the night so her Mama and Papa could have a date night.
They thought it was so silly to have two kids in the bed!

Oliver and I spent our morning with the Faires girls.
While Rebecca cut up apples for applesauce in the kitchen, the kids enjoyed apples of their own on the back patio.

I love baby feet!

Thursday Morning:
Oliver was an early riser and came to wake us up bright and early.
Look at his hair!!

Mister Mouse was looking so nice in the morning light by the window. I tried to get Oliver to pose for a photo with his rodent friend but it was definitely not happening before a big bowl of yogurt. Hello anyway, Mister Mouse.

Later that day:
Oliver was playing in his room and being handsome. That's all.

Confident that things were well under control upstairs, I made my way down to the kitchen to fix lunch for the boys. Never be confident that things are under control with a nearly-two-year-old! He came downstairs with self-inflicted Sharpie whiskers. Because he had used pen all over the iMac screen the morning before (thank you, Magic Eraser!), I was terrified to follow him into the office to see what other damage we had sustained. Fortunately, the Sharpie was contained to Oliver's whiskers and we are learning valuable lessons about keeping that sort of thing out of sight!

Even later that day:
Audrey and Lizzie are two sweet girls at our church that I am loving getting to know. They usually visit once a week after school to play with Oliver, help with dinner and so forth. I love hearing about their days and getting to know their hearts. They came over yesterday afternoon and we made apple crostatas and Audrey played outside with Oliver while I (finally!) got a shower for the day. Here's Audrey with Oliver.

Helping Daddy with the orange electrical cord.

Learning to rake.

Just handsome.

My blue-eyed baby.

That's all from our week. (Unless something noteworthy happens today).
Have a blessed weekend, friends!

Our day has, indeed, been full of costume and fun. I'm cleaning out Oliver's play room to prepare for a consignment sale next week. We (including Scout!) had fun trying on boxing gloves and a tutu!
Is she smiling, or is it just me? :)

And, as if this post isn't full of enough media, a video of Oliver with his toy cup full or pretzels. I believe he's doing some kind of a bouncy dance, but it's a little unclear...


The Morrisons said...

Love it! Oliver really is so handsome; I can't get over those baby blues. Good to talk to you today. Hope to see you soon.

Christine Case said...

I love the crazy ensembles. B & J are just starting to get interested in dressing up and choosing their own clothes, so I can relate to picking and choosing the clothing battles.