25 September 2008

Ryan is teaching his class at O'More this morning, so Oliver and I are left at home to make a big mess and keep each other occupied.

After lining up all his stuffed animals on the sofa and counting them like The Count (which sounds mostly like, "two, free, two, free, seben, AH AH AH!!!"), I moved on to do a little work on the computer. Once Oliver had finished his snack and proceeded to empty all the packing peanuts out of the big package Daddy received yesterday, I invited him to join me for a little Photo Booth fun at the computer.

This is what we came up with (I apologize for the "well loved" play room behind us and my jammies and bedhead... shower time doesn't come until 4:30 around here... if it comes at all...):

Clearly, I am much better than Oliver at making a bunny face :)
Monster Faces
Signing "tree"
BIG smiles!!!
hugging Mommy
And, a video, especially for Granddad & Groovy!


uberRyan said...

This is throwing me off to see the bonus room backwards!

Claire Wise Photography said...


Bev said...

How sweet!! Obviously, that motorcycle made a BIG impression!! He is gathering more vocabulary by the day!!!! Thank you so much for the little visit!!!

Granddad said...

VROOOOOM! Oh the purring sound of a finely tuned Goldwing...love the way Oliver has perfected that one!

Christine Case said...

I'm out of the loop, obviously--what class is Ryan teaching? (BTW, Ry, I checked out your blog. Love it! You are so talented.)