12 September 2008

It's time for some Oliver photos!

A few days ago Ryan was grilling and Oliver was (impatiently) sitting in his high chair in the dining room, snacking on some raisins for an appetizer. He was facing the back patio, and more importantly, his kid-sized pool. It was too much for a little person to bear. After his making his request for the, "bool! bool!" (pool! pool!) well apparent to us, Ryan gave him exactly what he asked for. He got a spaceship ride in his high chair straight out of the dining room and into the pool! Fortunately, that satisfied him. And, we think he looks like a lifeguard! No one is drowning on his watch!

This morning Oliver was eating his yogurt and granola while I worked on some church nursery business at the table with him. I must have been very into what I was doing, because when I looked up, he was absolutely covered (and loving it!) with yogurt! He was just running his hands all over his big belly making that horrible, slorpy sound of skin emulsified in yogurt and giggling. (If you've never heard this sound, I invite you to join us at our home for breakfast sometime!) Unfortunately, this is not a completely isolated incident. He's a VERY messy eater. Any suggestions? (And, yes, we've tried a bib and thrown it to the wind. Just another piece of dirty laundry.)

Finally, here is a video of Beatrice and Oliver a week ago. Our friend Tracy brought Oliver a set of toy golf clubs when she came to visit a couple of months ago. Oliver likes to take at least one golf club with him everywhere he goes. I should post a video of his hilarious efforts to use one properly... Anyway, among the other activities he likes to use his golf club for (riding in the car, going to church and restaurants - no, we didn't let him take it in -, etc.) he can't be found dancing without it. He hears a beat, he goes for a golf club. Here they are dancing: (and if you look closely, when they are sitting down, you'll see Bea's new pair of BabyLegs!)


The Morrisons said...

Seriously, Raechel, this post made me laugh out loud. I love that Oliver is a messy eater. As one with boys that hate to be messy, (I hear "uh oh" way too much at meal times these days!) I am sure it is no better picking up every last crumb than hearing the squishing of yogurt on that adorable belly! And those dance moves are amazing.

Christine Case said...

So what was Sweet Bea saying to herself in the video? It seemed very important. I loved the dancing, by the way. As you know, we are partial to dancing here at the Case household, too, but we have yet to discover the joys of golf club dancing. How exciting!

Susan said...

This is too cute!

Vanessa said...

So cute! What song is that? I must know!