15 March 2009

In the wee hours of morning today Oliver came down into our bedroom and crawled into bed between us. I was somewhat aware that he had joined us, but was still totally committed to my sleep.

Then, I heard a little voice behind me say, "Mommy, I wannoo wub your back."

I proceeded to turn over so my back faced my little treasure and received the sweetest, little-handed back rub ever.

In response to an opposites book we read with Oliver at bedtime last night, we had this conversation with him at breakfast this morning:

Ryan: "Oliver, is Scout plump or lean?"

O: "Scout is not plump!"

Me: "What about Mommy? Is Mommy plump or lean?"

O: "You are not plump!"

Ryan: "And, what about Daddy? Am I lean or plump?"

O: "Daddy is weeen!"

(We're both totally relieved by Oliver's responses)

Me: "What about you, Oliver? What are you?"

Long pause.

O: "I'm a cowboy!"


Christine said...

So sweet. I can't wait till my little guys are, you, speaking in somewhat full sentences. It did my heart good just to have Baylor come up to me this morning, point to my leg, and say "Mama."

I hope he wasn't just naming my leg "mama." Then we might have issues.

4cunninghams said...

That's so cute! Aside from the "terrible" twos, it's amazing what they come up with. Kylee (who was 2 in September) thinks it is absolutely hilarious to put the word juice in front every everyone's name. And recently she told me she was not a true princess, but a fallerina. I love it!

Groovy said...


Rebecca said...

Scout IS plump. I hate to be the one to point it out, but there it is.