25 March 2009

Hello and welcome to "Way Back Whensday", the Preggo Belly edition. You may remember my first WBW post earlier this month where I committed to sharing old photos every Wednesday because I just couldn't seem to conform to the rules of "Wordless Wednesday". I invite you all to join me in digging up your old photos and sharing them with the watching world as well!

Now, on with the photographic joys of growing a sweet baby inside!

Here I am 10 weeks pregnant with Oliver.
I'm demonstrating that he is 1 1/2" long and I am just so doggone excited!

Now 12 weeks pregnant with Oliver, (I was unemployed for the entirety of my pregnancy with O, so I had time to do this sort of thing) I used Photoshop to superimpose an actual size illustration of a baby on my belly. This is how big Oliver was in my tummy at 12 weeks. (This totally only happens with your first baby - subsequent babies are bound to get the shaft!)

This one is almost embarrassing! (And Tara, please forgive me for sharing this!) The embarrassing thing is that Tara was 40 weeks pregnant here - she had baby Hope the following day, I believe. Me, on the other hand, I was only 27 weeks pregnant here! I have no idea how I am so stinking much bigger than my tiny little cousin! And, yes, that is Lee in the background feeling left out.

Here I'm 33 weeks pregnant with O. I actually faithfully did shots every week in the same shirt and pants for the entirety of this pregnancy; front, right, back and left. You can scroll through the photos and it looks like I'm turning and growing before your eyes. Pretty cool! Again, this is something you only end up doing the first time around.

And this is where it just starts to get un-cute. I'm 40 weeks here - just a week before Oliver was born. I can't believe how puffy I got. Unreal!

These are some of the only pictures I have of me pregnant with our Evie-girl. I am 24 weeks here. I didn't grow with her like I did with Oliver. I think at this point I was still weighing less that I did when I got pregnant with her. But, that's her in there. I love these pictures of me with her!

This is one of the last photos of Evie inside of me. Claire took it at the hospital just before I was induced. I miss my sweet baby so much. Especially in these days leading up to what would be her first birthday.

Alright, that's enough bellies for one week. What do you say next week we all post photos of what we were doing exactly seven years ago - so April 2002? See you then!


Tara said...

wow! I tend to forget how I looked when I was pregnant! I just block it out! haha. No need to be embarrassed, you looked so cute! And I wasnt "that" tiny. My belly stuck straight out so far! I'm pretty sure people aren't supposed to ask you if you are having twins if you indeed are not. (thank you though to the two people who asked me that lovely question. it was much appreciated, including the one response of "are you sure??" when I said I was not) You looked so adorable pregnant! I wish I had been as cute as you. Love your photos! Your pictures with Evie as so sweet! Thanks for sharing them! :)

Tracy said...

I actually thought, at first, that tara had a pillow under her shirt like Lee! She's teeny!

I can assure you, that I was about the same size as you (belly wise...) if not bigger, when I was 27 weeks pregnant with Olivia.

Christine said...

I forgot about WBW belly photos! Maybe next week. I'll be a bit behind. I wish you would have posted the GINORMOUS BARE BELLY photo of you at 40+ weeks with Oliver. That one kills me.

And April 2002? Were you guys engaged yet? I remember the night y'all got back and those girls wanted to look at your ring in the lobby...in particular that one, L, who never talked to you otherwise. Funny.

Claire Wise Photography said...

You make an adorable pregnant lady!

One day when you want a laugh I will email you a picture from my baby shower when pregnant with my youngest. I was 35 weeks yet look about 47 weeks. Really.

4cunninghams said...

You look so cute pregnant! You were in Kathy Heck's Sunday school class weren't you? I remember so many people being due that fall. When was Oliver born? It seems like he was due around the same time Kylee was, she just came a month early.

Erin said...

I completely understand the being big part. I think I'm carrying Skyler (I'm 31 wks) straight in front of me, so...pretty much every day somebody asks me if I'm having twins and then they don't believe me when I say there is only one I have still have 9 weeks left. Oh the joy.

Carla said...

Gorgeous photos. I love pregnant bellies! You look fabulous when you are pregnant by the way :)