18 March 2009

Hello, bloggy friends! It's Wednesday again, and you know what that means: time to sort back through all your files to find the funniest, oldest, coolest, whatever pictures from way back when.

Last week was my inaugural post where I shared my bright idea with the world! (And by world, I mean y'all that read my blog.)

This week, I'm sharing a few photos from high school when Ryan and I first started dating. These pictures were taken in early 2000 in our Junior year of high school. (Ryan and I began dating in our sophomore year.)

This one absolutely cracks us up. Ryan looks like he's about twelve and I somehow look swollen and nothing like myself. I was a real fan of the skinny eyebrows in high school I'm ashamed to say. But, you can see where Oliver got his bright blue eyes!

Here's a photo from our freshman year of college. Yes, that's me and Christine kissing Ryan on the bench. I'll also note that this was the year that Christine wore her "Barbara Bush" dress and pearls.

I wish I had more, but I really am going to have to do some digging this week. What do you say next week we all share big belly photos from our pregnancies? And, if you don't have babies yet, share a photo of your most regrettable hairstyle!

See you next Whensday!


Katy said...

Those are awesome! I don't even kind of want anyone to see any dating picture of Charlie and I, we had a few bad ones.. i don't think of when were dating/newly married as very long ago, but we look not so cute as I thought we did!! and you know what's weird.. there's a few pictures of us when we were together, and my face TOTALLY looks puffy too.. im like WAS I RETAINING WATER and had no clue!?? who the heck knows, maybe it was baby fat that had to work its way out.. :)

The Morrisons said...

These are great! I was looking forward to my post but then got hung up at a family gathering and couldn't bust out the scanner at 11:30 last night. I will totally come through with the big belly pics next week. Uggghhhh I am sure I won't be wanting another one after taking a look at those ;) Hope all is well.

Susan said...

Is that Rebecca raiding the file cabinet in the background of Ryan's twelve year old pic? I think I recognize that messenger bag and pony tail.

Christine said...

I would just like to say that I was WAY cuter than Barbara in her dress and pearls.

And I love the eyebrows. And Ryan's bleachy hair. I love high school!

Tracy said...

Yes, Ryan's bleachy hair is a classic. :)

Tracy said...

Yes, Ryan's bleachy hair is a classic. :)

Raechel said...

Yes, Christine, you did look WAY cuter than Barbara!

And yes, Mom, I think that IS Rebecca in the background. Only then she still went by "Becky!". I see Tovey's red backpack in there too!

uberRyan said...

What we should be asking is why 2 German students are CLEARLY in the SPANISH class!!

Hm. Seems that somebodies don't have enough to do...hm...

p.s. That sweater was my first ever J. Crew item. I just had to have the grey rollneck sweater. And, clearly I had to have it in an XL.

You'll also note I loved it so much, I wore it in pic #2 as well.