11 March 2009

So, I had this brilliant idea last week. (Well, I like to think it was brilliant. When I tried to enthuse Ryan about my brilliant idea I think he was a little less impressed.)

Lots of people like to do "Wordless Wednesday" posts on Wednesdays. I am completely incapable of posting something without words, so it's just no good for me. So, I am officially instituting:
"Way Back Whensdays"

(Christine, does the spelling kill you or am I okay?)

It's just a fun chance to post an old photo or two and to reflect on where we've come from and thus, look ahead to where God is taking us.

Or, maybe nothing even quite that deep. Maybe just a fun chance to post old photos.

Anyhow, here are some photos of our little guy way back when:

6 months old
9 months old
Maybe I'll bust out some photos of Ryan and I on our first date (10 years ago) next week. Stay tuned to find out!


Christine said...

Oh, no, I like it. And I'm completely at peace with "Whensday." Thanks for checking. :) We're still on vacation right now, so I can't participate until next week when I have my computer.

You should know that Baylor is sitting next to me, making excited explanations about baby Oliver. "I know that guy!"

Tracy said...

how fun! I love this idea!

mapsgirl said...

I followed the link from Tracy's blog (journey through loss). I think this such a neat idea. If it's okay, I'd like to do it too!

The Morrisons said...

I'm in! I think often of how people who are new to my blog haven't seen us way back when. Cute idea; hope you don't mind if I jump on board.

Ryan, Rebecca, and Molly said...

Awesome idea!!!

Lyndsey said...

I stumbled upon your blog via MckMama and I LOVE your idea! I never thought Wordless Wednesdays were for me either, so this is right up my alley! Great thinking!

4cunninghams said...

I think that's a great idea!