27 March 2009

We've been busy busy busy this week with my Mom moving her furniture from her home in Michigan to a new place here in Franklin, Ryan coaching soccer games and me keeping the family fed and clothed and generally orderly and happy. It's been a full week and I'm exhausted! (And the moving truck isn't scheduled to roll in until later this afternoon!)

I've had the opportunity to do some fun (well, fun for me) things this week. I consigned a ton of clothes Oliver's outgrown at a great church consignment sale (all their profits go to missions work!) and because of that, I got to shop at their presale and got Oliver all set up with handsome clothes for spring and summer (all for about $50!).

I also have been having fun in the kitchen trying new recipes and, since we happened to be rather low on groceries, pulling things together and coming up with fun new meals.

On Wednesday for lunch I had a craving for pizza but the only necessary ingredient we had in our kitchen was the fresh dough (the Publix bakery sells great pizza dough!). I dug through my pantry and realized that although we didn't have a ton of Italian cuisine, we had lots of bits and pieces of leftover Mexican food. A mexican pizza it was!

I used salsa and queso as the sauce, sautéed fresh chicken breast in chicken taco seasoning from Penzey's, topped it with mexican cheese and crumbled chalupa shells and viola! We had a DELICIOUS mexican pizza! Ryan loved it and said the only thing that would make it better would be black olives and beans. But, since I don't like either of those things anyway, it was just perfect for me!

Besides feeding and clothing my family, I also have had a great time just enjoying the sunshine with those boys of mine. Ryan has taken the coaching position at Franklin Classical School and they had their second game this Tuesday. The Faires' came too and Oliver and Beatrice had a great time playing together with his mini soccer goal and ball, picking clovers, and Oliver's recently discovered ability to go potty in the bushes (this, I believe, is just the beginning of what I am about to learn raising boys is all about!).

Beatrice came to the soccer game looking just like I like her. If I can't have a girl of my own, it sure is fun to have her around wearing pink, polka dots and braids!

Here's my girl with a big clover I picked for her.

Oliver was trying to get Bea to shake hands with him, but she was just completely uninterested.

Me and my boy.

This was one of the 7 seconds that Beatrice actually sat still to watch the soccer game.

These last four pictures are from lunch today. It rained this morning and the sun was just deciding whether or not it was going to come out. Oliver began his time playing outside fully clothed with shirt, pants and shoes. But, he lost the shoes early on in the sandbox and the pants got totally soaked from the rainwater that had gathered in the back of his Cozy Coupe. I'm learning to let this kind of thing happen, rather than make him stay inside because the conditions are just short of ideal and making him practice writing letters or sorting colored bugs.

This is my favorite picture of the day. I just love this face.

Here he goes again with the novelty of going potty outside. The funny part about this picture is actually that Scout had just unwittingly crossed in front of him midstream and got potty all across her side. Ew!

Moments like this make me glad I'm not paying full price for his clothes.
Hooray for consignment and garage sales!
Happy weekend, friends!


The Morrisons said...

My mother-in-law works at Forrest Hills, and got us all set up with play clothes too! So nice to not worry about those grass and mud stains. I think going potty outside is what will seal the deal with Owen getting potty trained. He just loves it when Micah does that and tries so hard. It is a wonderful way to get them off the potty seat and standing up to potty. So much easier and cleaner in public :) Speaking of, we are having a real potty training day tomorrow to see if Owen is ready. He says he is, so bring on the jelly bellies! Are you guys free any next week? We would love to get together.

Christine said...

Boys are so WEIRD. Seriously. What's cool about getting super dirty and peeing outside? B & J are the exact same way. I just don't get it.

I'm glad you were able to consignment shop so much! I'm not having much luck lately with good boy clothes, but the girl stuff...whoo boy, we have too much.

Tracy said...

yay for consignment sales! I love them!

I tried to get my kids to go outside and play after it stopped raining. They wouldn't do it (mainly Olivia, then Austin followed) because it was too wet. silly kids.

Gracie said...

Your pictures are adoreable. I love reading your blog. Check out my post today. I have something for you.