22 March 2010

Can it be that these are our children?

(photo credit: Claire Wise Photography)

Can it be that we have two precious babes on this Earth?

Two foreheads to kiss, two heads to keep warm, two tummies to feed?

Two precious babes entrusted to us in their youth,

Two children to grow up in our home,

Two children to pray for

that they would grow in "wisdom and stature and
and in favor with God and man"?

Can it be that they're ours - that they're actually here and real and ours?

And yet, they belong to their Father.

Can it be that He entrusted them to us?

What a humbling thought!

Lord, give us grace as we raise these children to know and love you.

Give us wisdom as we train them to love each other and others.

Give us faith to trust you and your sovereign plan for each of their precious lives.

(photo credit: Claire Wise Photography)

Can it be that these beautiful babes are our children?


Linda said...

Raechel, I am sooo very happy for you and your family! Hazel is adorable and so is your whole family. Your appreciation of God's gift shines through every single one of your posts and you sooo deserve to have this great family!!

Emily said...

I follow you on Twitter and I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now!! What a beautiful post about two beautiful babes!!! Congrats!!! So happy for you!!

Jen said...

Can I just say I cried when you announced her birth, as the perfect addition to your family.
So happy to see the adorable pics.
What a blessing :)

Chelsa said...

our words are so similiar that i just feel i know you! (not in a creepy way) lol :)

Barbie said...

Another beautiful picture! Filled with joy for your precious family!

Mateya said...

Beautiful picture!!!! So much love!

SarahMerritt said...

How sweet! Raechel I am just beyond happy for you and your family! Oliver is going to be the best big brother ever. And sweet Hazel is beautiful! Congrats again just keep soaking it in!!!

Nicole said...

Fabulous post! I love your heartfelt prayer! I need to pray it here :)

Jamie said...

Followed you here from a friends blog. Your children are gorgeous! Congratulations on the new addition

Jen said...

Oh, Raechel; what an awesome post. Thanks for the reminder to treasure our children.

Much love to you and yours! :)

Becky said...

They are just too precious for words! I don't know how you manage to come up with something new everyday! Some of my favorite pics are from my son meeting his new sister! I still get teary just thinking about it! They are 5 years apart and he was thrilled when she arrived! Now I gotta go find a tissue...Blessings to you all!

Elizabeth said...

It's been such a long, hard road, Raechel, but just look at where you are! Oliver and Hazel look so much alike; they both have your eyes.

My brother is one of my favorite people on earth. He is my friend and my ally and my *brother* in every way. I hope Oliver and Hazel are blessed with such a friendship as well.


julia said...

Congrats on your beautiful new baby. So exciting.

Erin said...

Another great shot from Claire . . amazing post :) So glad they are yours and here and a live and you are able to watch them grow!

sophieh said...

Indeed they are!
Treasure each and every moment, but I know I don't need to tell you that. You are.
Wonderful pics.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That picture is precious! Treasure your two babies!

Grandma~rella said...

Simply, beautifully and truly amazing...May God bless your precious family, today and always! <3

nic said...

they are both precious, and i do not say this glibly. i love knowing that they daily experience the overwhelming love of God through you and ryan.

congratulations, sweet raechel. may the days and years ahead be full of His grace.

Audrey said...

Michael just said: "Oh, I want that baby to come to our house? Will she go to Sunday School?" :)

Maura said...

Wow your family is just beautiful!!I can't get over Hazel's little face. And what a good big brother Oliver is. So sweet!

MiniMe Mom said...

Congrats! She is such a beauty and I am so happy for you! I kept meaning to check back to see if you had her, but then the entire family got ill, and you know the drill:-)

She is beautiful!
Jamie, MiniMe BabyGear:-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I am so so happy for you guys. She is so beautiful. I can't wait to hear more about her :)