05 August 2010

dotty monkey

Okay, I can't believe I left out one of the best parts of my Dotty Monkey post!

Dotty Monkey is GIVING AWAY a monkey to one very happy reader!

Please see my post about their shop for information on how to enter!!

All these giveaways and discounts are making me dizzy! I'll do my best to be more on top of things! I hope y'all are enjoying my Favourite Shoppes series. Maybe we should do another one around Christmastime?

Happy Thursday, friends! Did you vote???


Rebecca said...

I want one, my favorite is everything dotty monkey.

The Thornton Family said...

I LOVE the cupcake ones! I must get some for my baby girl's 2st birthday!


The Landis Family said...

I love the hummingbird in turquoise ruffle bloomers. The colors and the tulle sticking out the bottom is too cute!