23 August 2010

Hello, friends!

We're visiting Ryan's parents for a few days before we head back South to that muggy Tennessee weather. (Can you believe it's 11am here and still to chilly to take a dip in the pool!?)

Oliver and Hazel are enjoying all kinds of attention from their Granddad and Groovy. You know, there's no faster way to a parent's heart than through loving their babies! :)

Also, Hazel is becoming more mobile by the hour. I know babies are supposed to start crawling at around 8 months, but I'm not sure this 5-month-old can wait much longer. She's already been scooting around for a week or two, but in the past few days she's been up on her hands and knees, belly off the ground, just rocking back and forth with that determined look in her eye.


An old soul, I tell ya.


Alright, we're headed out back for a dip in the pool. The one great thing about swimming pools in Michigan is that they're heated! Even if it the air is still 75, the water is 90!

I'll leave you with a few photos I snapped from our time at Rolling Ridge Ranch in Millersburg, Ohio on Saturday. We actually rode in a horse drawn wagon with buckets of feed that all the animals (including zebras!) came right up to eat out of! As you can imagine, it was a hit for the kids and adults alike. :)


Happy Monday!!


Mandy said...

Your little girl is so beautiful! I can't wait for my baby to get here!

Tracy said...

So sweet! I bet miss Hazel crawls soon. Isaac started around the same age, after scooting around first then doing that similar rocking motion. :)

Sandy said...

Hooray for Michigan!!!!!

amy said...

Howdy lady!! I sent you a msg. on Twitter. My hubs and Ryan have emailed back and forth in the past regarding Ryan's business. . .CJ (mu hub) is starting back to school on Thursday to do what Ryan does! When I told my husband that you guys were in the area he wanted to see if we could meet up for lunch or dinner or coffee or something to pick Ryan's brain about the business and about starting out!! And. . . I would love to finally meet you!! Let me know what your plans are and how long you plan on being in MI. We can come to you!!! Hope we can work something out!!! You can email me at amyhonestly@gmail.com .

Hope to hear from you!


The Morrisons said...

I can't believe that girl is almost crawling. My boys were 9 and 10 months! She is precious. Hope to see you soon. I am missing the Myers crew.

Chelsa said...

Go Hazel Go!

My oldest, Brycen started crawling right before he turned 6 months.

Thankfully, Corbin is too chunky! lol I'm not ready for him to be mobile yet! lol

Kristin said...

Your girl is gorgeous!! My niece is 11 months and still not crawling!! And she has a 4 year old brother!!

Amanda said...

Miss Hazel is gorgeous! You really have a wonderful talent with photography...I'm jealous!

tara said...

she looks great! Enjoy that weather! And - hope crawled at six months, pulled up at seven and was a walking machine by nine! So watch out! :)

BARBIE said...

Hazel is adorable, getting so big. Loved the pictures from the Ranch.

Erin said...

oh my goodness look at her . . I cant believe that. We keep thinking Avin wil start going anytime soon too. Avin started around 7 months so we will see what Avin does.

Glad you guys are having fun! Love the animal pictures!

Anna said...

Miss Hazel sure looks like she's ready to take off!

I grew up in Ohio, went to college in Michigan, and now live in Florida... I sure do miss that cooler weather of which you speak. :)