08 August 2010


We interrupt your regularly scheduled barrage of delightful Etsy Shoppes
to bring you: Augustine.
(pronounced Ah-GUS-tin, for those of you that have asked)


This sweet boy sat on his Auntie's lap all through the church service this morning. (I know! How did I get to be so lucky!?) He snuggled, played with my necklace, and spent a long time laying back and looking up at the tall ceilings and high stained glass windows. (He also wanted to put his fingers in my mouth a lot.)

This was quite likely his first worship service.
His first time to hear voices singing in chorus.
His first time to hear the Lord's prayer and the Apostle's Creed.

What a privilege to share these moments with these brothers and their family.


Gus is quiet and handsome.

He's not as outgoing as Moses, but he watches his brother to learn how to get what he wants/needs.

He takes a long time to warm up to folks, but that just makes us feel that much more special when he allows us to hold him or sneak a cuddle.


As I held Augustine this morning singing "O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus" I was overwhelmed with thanksgiving to get to be a part of his life. What a blessing he is to us, our sweet nephew.

Thanks be to God!
The Gospel is true!


Audrey said...

Oh my goodness that hat is so wonderful! Precious boy.

Natalie Whisler said...

What a beautiful child... and what an amazing work of God. So glad he is safe is the arms of his family today and that he is always safe in the arms of God.

Claire Wise Photography said...

You have really got to stop making me cry. Such beautiful photos of him. I am glad he's home.

Tracy said...

he is just so sweet. I would love, love, LOVE to cuddle with those sweet cheeks, too.

Cecilia said...

What a precious little boy!!

Erin said...

wow he is one handsome little man!

Rachel C said...

He is adorable!

Anna said...

Beautiful post and pictures... precious little boy.

Desiree said...

What a gorgeous little man! Congrats on the new nephews!

Jim Swindle said...

The photos are wonderful, and he's a handsome boy. I'm so glad he's hearing of Jesus.

The Bee Hive said...

Amazing! And was laughing at your comment...yes, the curtains rock and will make you smile every time you walk by...good choice! :-)