10 August 2010



Anyone that knows me or our family can take one look at this shop and know that it is right up my alley!

What I love: it's got that sort of J.Crew style, but remains age appropriate. Friendly ruffles and hearts, but in good colors, fabrics and cuts.


Very favorite item: man, it's a tough call... once Hazel is big enough, I'd definitely put her in that sea glass ruffle tank with just about any bottoms - jeans, shorts, a colorful skirt - but for her age, I love the ruffled zip up hoodie best!


The mustache t-shirt makes me think of when Oliver did this. Remember?
Also, I'm planning for Sir Oliver the Wise to don the green sword shirt for his first day of preschool this fall. Rock star.


And if I didn't love them enough already: b.children's wear starts with good, quality products. This is really important to me. They aren't printing or sewing on Hanes t-shirts here (no offense, Hanes, love ya!). They use brands like American Apparel and Alternative Apparel - both run a little higher price wise, but are well worth the quality and fit. The fact that they start with good stuff and still manage to keep the prices they do (tanks start at $15) makes them a shop to watch for sure.

I am planning to host a giveaway from b. children's wear this fall!
In the meantime, you can check out their shop here!


Heather said...

Oh, wow! Great shop! Love the style!

Rachel C said...

Very cute stuff!

Anna said...

Cute, cute, cute! Looking forward to that giveaway!

Claire Wise Photography said...

Love this store! I also love that the clothing holds up wash after wash!

Barbie said...

Makes me wish I had little ones again. I love the shirt with the sword on it!

Megan said...

Raechel, what happened to the shop you posted yesterday? I closed my browser and came to "shop" later and the post was gone! Yikes!

Rachel C said...

I can't view your most recent post. It is showing up that you updated on my blog, but everytime I click on the link, it is missing.