03 February 2011

{making valentines with my firstborn}


{completing some much-needed housekeeping in my filing drawer}


{his "best 'Z' yet"}


{Urgent messages slipped under the door}


{baker's twine wrapped around a clothespin}


{rocking out to our Seeds cds with a homemade guitar}


{our sweet, sick baby soaking in a lavender bath}


{new hair growth}


What were some of your little joys today?


Ashley said...

Beautiful pictures... my little joys were my 12 week old's smiles, my toddler saying "Hold you, momma?" and a coffee visit from a new friend! :)

keight dukes said...

love that it was an "urgent" i love you message. is that heart on the cork board from the travelling pants heart? looks famil. love that tiny fuzzmullet!

~Debra said...

Beautiful pictures as always! Love your urgent message! That little man sure is a sweetie!

Joyful things from today:

*spending time with my daughter since she didn't have school today

*getting in & out of the Commissary in under an hour without wanting to pull my hair out

*my husband coming home tomorrow


Sarah-Anne said...

this post brought some sunshine to my gray rainy day! :) love little boys who write their mama's love notes and slip them under their doors...

G. said...


Is that crocheted bunny from an Old Navy baby t-shirt, by any chance?? If so, my Owen (a few months older than Oliver), also wore this adorable shirt as a baby!!!! It was one of my absolute favorites.

Raechel said...

You're exactly right! I bought it when I was pregnant with him and when he outgrew it is was too stained to keep. I couldn't bear to throw away the bunny so I ripped through the stitches and he's hanging around to be called from the bench sometime in the future. Good eye!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Raechel - I am curious about your filing method? Do you place all your files from 2010 in one file folder versus keeping individual files by category?

I love your blog, decorating style and the bits you share about your lovely children, btw :)


Raechel said...

It might be tough to see in the photo, but I have probably 20 folders rubberbanded together there - each an individual file (gas, electric, mortgage, etc.)

I just like to keep only the current year in my filing drawer because it's little, so I just neatly tuck away the year before in storage, still separated by type.

Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Oh I see! Yes, that does make sense now. I'm re-evaluating my pretty dysfunctional filing system and am so open for new ideas. I would love to see you touch on organizing/home management tips on your blog as I admire what appears to be your minimalist (yet totally charming) style.

Thanks for taking time to reply!

Sara (in South Dakota - I have no blog :)

Andrea said...

Love this post and especially the sweet pictures of Hazel with her new hair growth. I had been thinking about this the other day as I was getting dinner ready using our newish red cutting board and was going to do a post on it (and another handy kitchen gadget). But you post inspired me to think more broadly. :)

Amy said...

R -

It's the little things that makes life most enjoyable! You and Ryan are truly blessed!