29 July 2010

"A friend took this picture and sent it to us, we have much nicer ones. But this will still give you a nice idea of what a lovely time we are having."
{Moses is on the left, Augustine is on the right, and that's Papa in the middle)

Another note from yesterday:
Now that we have met these sweet boys we can't leave them here. Not because it's horrible here, but because they are our boys.

I'm planning on taking Augustine with me to go visit the foster home to see some other kids with another adoptive mom. She gets to go meet her son for the first time. There's so much new-family excitement here.

We love the other adoptive families here. They have been so loving and helpful. Everyone else's kids are pretty healthy. Yesterday we were all in the CWA van and Mamush couldn't stop throwing up. We had to turn around and go back home, and they went on the trip with out us. When they came back they brought some of the right medicines and some reinforcements for our sick boys. We are so grateful to be surrounded by the body of Christ.

We are enjoying a wonderful community of believers here, Americans and Ethiopians.

And today, 10 a.m. Ethiopian time

Your emails are my favorite! Thanks for being so helpful.

How is Beatrice? I really miss her. Last night I was officially away from her for too long. I need to get home.

I think we can wait and have a doctors appointment on Sunday or Monday. I don't know what they need but it would sure be good to have them checked out. They are getting better under the careful nursing of their mama and papa. Can I get an appointment at the Vanderbilt international adoption clinic? If you're feeling energetic and can get us in with the adoption clinic at Vanderbilt on Sunday or Monday that would be great. But I can also look into it when I get home if you are too busy caring for three kinder.

All four of us are showered and dressed for our embassy appointment today. The boys are napping and they are so cute when they sleep. They both still sleep with their bottoms in the air. Moses is a collector. Sometimes he puts things under his chin so he can pick up more stuff.

Augustine cried hard last night. Sometimes they just cry like they are freaking out. It's really hard. I'm ready to get everybody home where we can drink the water, do dishes and do laundry.

I miss Bea.

We have our embassy appointment at 1pm today and tonight our hostess is making traditional Ethiopian food for us. Tomorrow we get up, pack our bags, (Our room is tiny and a total wreak. Awful.) and then we leave for the airport around 5:30pm. Our flight leaves at 10:30pm, but we are going to be the first people in line because you have to request the bassinet seats in the bulkhead at the check in desk and the bassinets are first come, first served. Caleb and I are very hardcore about having bassinets on the flight home.

So, just one more night here!

Love you,


Hilary said...

Oh they are PRECIOUS thankyou for sharing your sister and brother-in-law's story this week!! I pray for their family....may they be covered in love and health :)

Tracy said...

Rebecca- (I'm assuming here that you can tell her this for me when she gets home!) Your children are so adorable! I'm so excited for you guys! Congratulations!!!

Melanie said...

So funny when they sleep with their bottoms up! I found my 20 month old that way when I went to check on her last night. :)

Chelsa said...

thanks for sharing the picture! it's so sweet to see who we're praying for! they are so cute! i can feel your sis' anxiety to get home (and her missing beatrice!).

i loved that she said "3 kinder"

my husband's family (grandparents on back, but not parents) are amish and that's what they call kids :)

Anna said...

What precious babies. Thanks for sharing their story with us.

Heather said...

Those boys are adorable. I am so glad that they will be home soon and can get better medical care. Beatirce is going to be a great big sister!

Janna said...


Rachel said...

Oh they are just precious! So excited for them and praying they will be home soon!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Moses is holding a remote control - can that be? Mom

Becky said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story and this picture with us! These boys are beyond adorable and they look right at home sittin' with their Daddy! Hoping and praying their little ears don't hurt on the flight home. Love, hugs and prayers for safe travels heading their way!-Becky

Melissa said...

Thank you SO much for sharing this story with us! It is touching my heart just to see them and know a little of their story.. I am so happy for them and I dont even know them! Thank you again. You are never quite sure whos heart will be pricked with a urging from the lord in the area of adoption.

Kasey said...

They are so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this with us! I have been loving reading all of the letters!!

Rachel C said...

I've been following this without commenting, but I wanted to say I am so happy for your whole family-for your sister and brother in law, for your niece, and for you guys! How exciting!

The Bee Hive said...

Precious, can they bring a few extra babies home for me pretty please? Still praying!

Krystal said...

AWE!!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures and their stories! THey are absolutely adorable! Praying that their travel home is smooth sailing!

~Alicia~ said...

Such a cute photo! I have been praying for your sister and especially for the boys to get better. They've been on my heart a lot this past week, reading your posts. I hope they come home soon!