28 July 2010

... are best friends


... are great playmates


... have wild imaginations


... are keeping me mighty busy!


Chelsa said...

they are both adorable!

The Buchanan Family said...

She is beautiful! Both are!

G Lee said...

Your picture reminds me of playing with four-year-old Uncle Terry. Good low angle perspective. Ane he looks like his Great Uncle T.

Erin said...

oh she is way too cute! So is he but i have already told you that millions of times! Glad they are enjoying eachothers company!

House of Collinsworth said...

I tried to send you a direct message on twitter, but didn't realize you had to be following me for me to be able to send you a message. Anyway, I saw you were looking for a shirt for Hazel that said, "I'm new here"....http://www.zazzle.com/im_new_here_tshirt-235741638004505117

But I think you could make a cuter one yourself!

Becky said...

My, my...aren't they gorgeous!? How long were you snapping pics!? B doesn't look happy at the end!:) My kids run when they see the camera now!;)