14 July 2010

1. Hiking at Cravens House and Sunset Rock
2. Brunch at Aretha Frankenstein's
3. The trout stream behind our cabin
4. My boys fishing
5. The fabulous Audrey and Lizzy, who came along to help out with the kids by day and to sink our battleships by night! (Seriously, never going on another vacation without a nanny or two - these girls deserve medals!)


6. Water feature outside the Tennessee Aquarium (and Oliver's signature rear view)
7. My birthday! Complete with a delicious cake made by my dear Judy Apple.
8. The Creative Discovery Museum (a lot of fun!!)


9. A final shot of my little gal with my Lizzy


Chattanooga gets my vote!

Speaking of votes - it looks like the headbands have it! It may be early next week, but it's coming!
(And I'll see what I can do about the Carne Asada and oven mitts sometime soon too!)


Tracy said...

we love, love, LOVE Chattanooga. In fact, we are headed there the end of this month for a weekend. Its so fun so nice!

Beautiful pictures, as always.

Audrey said...

Yay!!! Thank you again, so, so much. We had such a wonderful time! I love the last picture of Lizzie and Hazel! so cute.

Kristin said...

love the pictures! especially of your boys fishing!! too cute

Anonymous said...

I love Chattanooga. When was your birthday? Mine was the 9th

Chelsa said...

lovely pictures! :)
hazel is getting a "big girl" look about her!

i told ryan on our next vaca we are taking a nanny!

i broke down and bought myself a headband yesterday- we'll see if i can pull it off ;)

Krystal said...

We went to Chattanooga and Pigeon Forge on vacation this summer too! We enjoyed it! My favorite site in Chattanooga was Rock City! Gorgeous!!! Your pictures were beautiful!