25 July 2010



We just arrived in Addis this morning. We had an overnight flight and we both slept well, in spite of the stewardesses waking us up every two hours to bless us with more beverages. We bought our visitors visas, changed money and made it through customs with great success, but then waited almost 3 hours for the CWA driver to pick us up. But all is well, the timing confusion is cleared up and we have been deposited at our guest house. It is winter here and also the rainy season. In Vienna we were so blistering hot that we chose where to walk based on shade. But here it is damp and very cold. It's very strange to be suddenly in a different hemisphere.

The US Embassy here knows our wishes to take Moses [Mamush] home earlier and we are trusting that they will see it through if it is possible. It may not be possible, so we are also trying to be gracious and prepared for that outcome.

I wish I could show you a picture of our room and our guesthouse. It makes me think of Peru, except wetter. The bathroom and cold shower for our room are outside across a courtyard. When we want to use it we have to go out in the rain. Someone here asked when it would stop raining, and our host smiled, "September."

We have opened our Africa suitcase to get out our winter clothes and in that suitcase we packed our our little boy things. It doesn't hardly seem possible that we have brought these things here for a purpose, that we will get to use the lavender baby lotion and the special Hippo shirt tomorrow. We are glad that we don't meet the boys until tomorrow. I think we both need a day to adjust to Africa and rest because, wow, we're going to meet our sons. It's a big deal.

There is another family staying here who is adopting an 11 year old boy from Shashemene. All the CWA kids have been staying together here in Addis while they wait for their parents (really, while they wait for paperwork). The 11-year-old's new father asked him if he know Mamush or Firomsa, and his sweet little face lit up and he explained that he and Firomsa had come to Addis from Shashemene together. We are glad these two will see each other again during this week at the guesthouse. It makes our hearts glad. And we are such fans of Firomsa (and Mamush) that it thrills us to even meet someone who has met them.

We can use the internet here at the guesthouse, so I will try to update you every day. I'm still kind of reeling, so I'm sure my descriptions will be clearer tomorrow.
Love and love.


Erin said...

Thank you for sharing. Do you have any pictures of the boys. I am so happy for your sister and brother in law. I hope they get to bring home both boys!

Becky said...

Praying they are flying hom with 2 boys real soon! This is such a simple letter from a complete stranger...but it brought me to tears! God bless you and your families!-Becky

Susan Graham said...

We are praying. What an excitng time to be getting more cousins!

Tracy said...

that is just so awesome!

Amy... said...

What an exciting adventure! I pray that all goes well as they increase the size of their family.


Abby said...

Wow! How exciting! Praying for the best outcome for all involved!!!

Have you ever read about The Terry's? Megan and her husband recently adopted from the DRC in Africa and discuss it there. She's actually going to be recognized at Blogher for a piece she wrote on her blog. I encourage you to check her out!

Here's their site: http://terryhousehold.blogspot.com/

Chelsa said...

thank you for sharing! i can just feel her excitement through her words!

Christine said...

Let Rebecca know that we love her letters and are so thankful that you are able to share. I'm waiting on pins and needles to hear about them finally meeting the boys.

Melanie said...

So happy! Praying for them.

Barbie said...

How exciting! Praying both boys will come home together!