26 July 2010

I woke up to 3 emails from Rebecca this morning:

1st letter, Monday morning, 9:30 local time

Good to get your email! We are at the guest house waiting for our ride and we should get to meet our boys in about an hour. Wow, right? Suddenly our whole lives are going to change. Well, I guess our lives changed two years ago. But we finally get to see some fruit. And, oh my, are we excited to see our sweet little fruit.

It's cold here. I'm wearing your jacket. I wore socks (with moisturizer, naturally) to bed last night and warm pants and two shirts. Caleb and I fear that we underestimated Ethiopian winter.

The roads really are mud. I mean, they are paved, but there is mud everywhere. It's a lot for Caleb to take in, interestingly. He's not reeling, but he has so much to say. Last night and this morning he has been processing everything he is seeing out loud. He rarely does that. I can't hardly get a word in.

Right, sorry, too much typing, I'm nervous-excited,

2nd letter, Monday morning, 9:52 local time

We are waiting at our guesthouse for our driver to come and we have a bag packed with clothes and diapers. Caleb wondered which outfits would be best and I decided that I needed to leave the Mustella wipes here so I don't get carried away with them at the orphanage. We're thinking of taking some bananas. Will they be hungry? Will they like bananas? Caleb is starting to pace. Oh my. We're excited.

3rd letter, Monday afternoon, 4:30 local time

We have both boys and we have not stopped moving since. They have changed our Embassy date to Thursday. Hopefully having more time before the appointment will give us more time to get a visa appointment for Mamush. I think CWA will submit Mamush's paperwork on Wednesday.

So, here's the update. Mamush has a passport. All Mamush needs is permission from the US Embassy to have a visa appointment on Thursday with Firomsa.

Since our embassy appointment has been postponed two days, and we don't receive travel visas until the day after the embassy appointment day we are a little nervous because we might not get it in time to fly out. [their flight leaves midday Friday]

Love you, sorry I don't have time to write more.

As soon as we got the boys back to the guest house they both fell asleep on the bed and Caleb and I just laid there and looked at them. I have given them both baths and they are out in the courtyard playing soccer with Caleb.



Crying tears of joy at my laptop right now!
Praising the Lord for shaping this family in his perfect design and sovereign timing. Praying that we'll see all four of them at the airport this Saturday evening!


Chelsa said...

oh my word!!! gave me chills!

guess i should of read your post before tweeting- lol!

nault's nook said...

thats wonderful!!!! Praying it continues to go smoothly! God works in GREAT ways!

Our Family said...

So excited for the boys and your sweet sister's family. Love when miracles come. Prayers for all involved.

kristofer and ivy said...

Don't know you (in person), don't know your sister (at all), but reading these gave me chills as well. I'm so excited for them! Can't wait to see photos.


jullliieee said...

How exciting! Praying that they can bring them both home!!

Melanie said...

Whohoo! Wow. Still praying.

The Elliotts said...

Thank you for the update! Praying that EVERYONE comes home Saturday!

Tracy said...

That is so awesome! Just so awesome!!!

Martha said...

Thank you, Rae, for posting all of this. I'm grateful beyond words.

V said...

wow can't wait until that is us! We are close to getting a referral for a baby boy from Ethiopia :) Congrats!


Barbie said...

Oh so exciting. Praying that God will move Heaven and Earth to see both of those boys home together!

Kristin said...

So happy for your family!! Praying they both come home!

T.S. said...

Thank you so much for sharing this journey! It's really amazing to watch (read?) God in action in the midst of these adoptions. It's a blessing to share and I'm praying for your family!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Praise God....looking forward to more great news. (I love your blog! Sarah in Australia XO)

One Day... said...

Been reading your blog for a little under a year....just not very good at commenting...need to work on that! :)

Thank you so much for sharing this, I'm crying right along with you as I finished reading! Praise God!
What an amazing and exciting time for your family!