17 July 2010


Hello, sweet girl. You are four months old today!

In this past month you have:
:: mastered rolling over from your back to onto your tummy (I can't believe you started doing this at 14 weeks old!)
:: only rolled over from your tummy to your back a handful of times. Usually you get onto your tummy and then get stuck. You're usually pretty happy that way for a while, but you eventually get frustrated and need someone to roll you back over.
:: gotten bigger - 25" long and 14lb 5oz -both 75th percentile for your age. (This means you're the size of an average 5-month-old!)
:: shown us what an easygoing baby you are. You vacationed so well - catching naps in your stroller or your moses basket or car seat whenever time allowed.
:: still only get fussy when a practical need isn't being met. You very rarely fuss and we can't figure out how to help.
:: totally begun to enjoy playing with your toys. You reach for everything in front of you, and whatever you can grab hold of goes straight into your mouth. Mama has had to learn to keep Hazel-friendly toys in her purse because you're always happier with something to fiddle with.
:: gotten closer to sitting up. You can hold a sitting position for about 4 seconds before toppling forward or to the side. We can tell you'll be so happy when that little milestone of independence arrives.
:: gotten better at using your legs to stand while we hold your hands.
:: discovered your voice and learned to play with it. Sometimes you'll sit for 20 minutes and just explore the noises you can make with your throat. We love all the coos and high-pitched squeals. We had forgotten how fun it is to just sit and watch the baby all evening. :)
:: managed to make us fall in love with you more every day.

We have loved these four months with you, Miss Hazel Wren.
May the Lord bless you and keep you!


Leigh said...

what a little beauty! she is a doll!

Christine said...

No way is she four months. Probably you are playing a practical joke on me, no?

What a beauty!

Also: troya? Which sounds like a new-age name.

Lindsayb-mo said...

She is so precious! It is so fun being a mommy! My little guy is about to turn 10 months old. It has gone by way too quickly...Kids are such a blessing!

Tracy said...

Very sweet! She is just so kissable!

Was Oliver around the same percentiles? Isaac is not much bigger than her, but all of my kids followed the same pattern. ;)

Tara said...

Happy 4 months Hazel! Celebrating your first four months as we celebrate Hope's first four years. What a wonderful weekend for two of my favorite girls! You are a beautiful baby! What a gorgeous picture of you are your sweet mama.

Love love love you!

Chelsa said...

it's going so fast isn't it?! crazy! she is the most gorgeous baby girl (and has a gorgeous momma too!).

Erin said...

I love reading this. I feel like we are in the same places with our little ones. Avin sure has found her voice and man can it be loud :)

adore that picture of the two of you!

John said...

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Rachel C said...

I can't believe she's 4 months old! Seems like you were just announcing your pregnancy! She is such a doll!

Beckie said...

This picture is just beautiful. Beautiful mama, beautiful baby girl. Blessings to you.

Rebecca said...

Raechel, you are so fashiony.