01 March 2011

I have been going through our family photos in preparation for Hazel's first birthday in a couple of weeks and I've had such a fun time coming across shots of the kids at the same ages. As their Mom I can definitely tell them apart, but some of them take a second glance for even me.

Of course the headband gives this one away. :)


Here's Oliver at about the same age:


Here they both are at 6 weeks old. Can you tell who's who?


And at six months old. Of course their clothing colors give them away here too, but it's fun to see them.

I think Oliver looks a lot like Hazel here:


Okay, that was such a Mommy post. But I get to do that from time to time, don't I? Especially when I start feeling sentimental looking through photos of my babes as, well, babies.

I just can't believe we're not counting down DAYS until she's one!


Sara said...

I was just doing that with the 3 girls I babysit! They're 4, 3 and 1. Their Mom wanted me to make a photo book with pictures of the oldest for her 5th birthday this weekend. I went through piles of their old photos and they look so much alike as babies.

I had to keep doing a double take especially for the oldest and youngest. The Mom kept all their outfits so a lot of the pictures were of the big girls in the same outfits the baby wears now. It was nuts, and I loved it.

Erin said...

so so so cute. Love looking at pictures and comparing them! Cant wait for her first birthday post!

Tracy said...

wow! that's amazing!
My two older ones looked very different, so it was easy-peasy to tell them apart. However, Isaac and Olivia look very simlar, except for eye color.

Brei said...

i seriously ADORE posts like this! my two boys are both pale, bald, redheads and they look so much alike. your babies are just delish!

~Amy~ said...

They look SO MUCH ALIKE! Adorable!

keight dukes said...

thou shalt never apologize for giving us adorable chillun' pics to devour. the subjects, the photography, the commentary...bring it!

Kristen Lea said...

Oliver is the first and Hazel is the second?

Anonymous said...

They have the exact same ears!