21 March 2011

Looking through the refrigerator this morning for Hazel's breakfast, the only yogurt flavor I could find was Chocolate Underground. Certainly not purchased with her in mind, but I don't think she minded one bit. :)


We had a fabulous weekend with a very special houseguest, which I plan to tell you all about shortly. But in the meantime, I'm waiting for my doctor's office to open because I'm sick sick sick.

But, if Hazel's chocolatey breakfast fortune is any indicator of how our week will be shaping up, I think we're off to a great start!

Happy Monday, friends!


keight dukes said...

oh my gosh, youre at the DOCTOR!?!?! so it was not all down/up/whatever-hill after all? i am so so sorry! in possibly related news, i am speaking many mysteries today as i have completely lost my voice. ruh-roh. feel better!

Anonymous said...

I hope you usually give Hazel FULL FAT yogurt. Fat is very important for brain development especially until age 2!!! Put lots of real butter and oils in everything she eats! It is REALLY important! That's the reason they are supposed to be drinking whole milk until 2, also!

uberryan said...

See post for hints that this is not a normal meal for Hazel:

'...certainly not purchased with her in mind...'

Thanks for anonymously expressing your concern regarding our level of care for our child, but have a little faith that we're taking necessary steps in her development.

Instead, find joy in the little quirks of life. That's what this blog is full of. Haze got a little treat this morning because we didn't have the typical breakfast on hand. You may have read that Raechel is sick. Amazing how quickly the norm can fall apart when an incredible wife and mom is down.

If it's of any peace of mind, I took her to her well check up on Friday. No concerns from the medical professional.

*This message not approved by Raechel. She's off to get prescriptions.

Michal said...

Hello Raechel (and Ryan!,

I've been closet reading for several months and am always challenged, blessed, and humored by your blogging.

I've been reading that Stonyfield is using or is going to be using GMO (genetically altered crap) even though they're technically organic, which saddens me because I love this yummy fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, too! I'm not trying to sound mean or judgmental or say you're bad parents (because you're definitely not from the sounds/looks of things!) or anything of those nasty sorts, but I like to keep up on this stuff and just thought I'd let you know :)

Here's a link to the article:

Have a great week!


Raechel said...

Dear Anonymous,
Ryan is right - we take our babes' nutrition very seriously. It's possible that I wasn't clear in my post that the Chocolate Underground organic yogurt was a big exception for Hazel - she got to eat Mommy's yogurt this morning since I was all out of hers! (I've been sick and haven't made it to the store.) I was saying that is was a big treat for her because it was chocolate - she took one bite and liked it very much! :)

You are exactly right - babies should be given lots of good fats (whole milk, butter, yogurt, oils, etc.) through age two. We have a great pediatrician who works alongside us to be sure our kids are getting everything they need nutritionally.

All the best,

Raechel said...

Hi Michal!
Thanks for your kind words and for the helpful link to the article (I couldn't seem to read it without subscribing to emails though...) Is it possible that I was unclear in my post about what was happening - I wonder if I should re-word it... that's MY yogurt she's eating and it's was a total exception from the norm. That was the point of the post - I was saying (in a tongue-in-cheek manor) that Hazel must have felt pretty lucky getting chocolate yogurt for breakfast! :)

Hazel normally eats full-fat probiotic, age-appropriate and Mommy, Daddy and Pediatrician-approved yogurt. :)

I do get that you may have been sharing the article for my benefit alone and understood that it is what I normally eat, not Hazel. Thanks for the helpful info!

All the best!

uberryan said...


Thanks for this information! That is a valuable resource and I appreciate you letting us know. We've kept Hazel away from the, excuse the unintelligible husband definition, cow hormone milk (haha!) specifically because of the adverse developmental effects on little girls we've heard about.

And, just like that, I'm getting into the mom-blog mix. I gotta go... :-)

nic said...

ooh, that IS a surreptitious start to any week! hope you get to feeling well soon, raechel. hang in there!

nic said...

oh my word, i meant propitious, NOT surreptitious. what is with my brain these days??

some day, i will proof read my post BEFORE hitting 'publish.' just you wait.

Michal said...

:) I understood you completely and thought I would just share!

As a born and bred farm girl,I didn't have to worry about it when I was at home, but now that I'm on my own, I stand amazed at the stuff I'm finding out that they're putting in products. I try to stay on top of it and this was definitely one of my favorite brands. I had forgotten about this article, but seeing the picture reminded me of it. :) Hadn't tried the chocolate yet and now I want to!

Tracy said...

I hope you feel better soon, Raechel! I saw the FB pictures from H's birthday bash. It looks like it was a hit! How fun!


Christina said...

Oh my goodness! Chocolate Underground is my most favorite yogurt!

I totally understood your post, even before I read all he comments;) Funny how some people take it upon themselves to tell us how to raise OUR kids!! You guys are great and appear to be doing a fantastic job all on your own:)

Melissa Vines said...

I used to eat one of those every night when I was pregnant...it was my treat! I hope that you're feeling better!