28 March 2011

The best way


I have found


to get my children to devour their vegetables without complaint,


is hiding them in spaghetti sauce


with a leeeetle bit of brown sugar added for sweetness.


Now to get their faces back to a normal flesh tone...

Happy Monday, friends!


Christine said...

This is so true. As long as you aren't the proud owner of a Baylor. Baylors are notoriously picky and scrutinize each mouthful of potentially "strange" food, looking for herbs, veggies, and other unfamiliar weirdnesses. Woe betide the Baylor owner who dares to put, say, Italian seasoning in the spaghetti sauce.

Love your orange faces!


Erin said...

Great pics!!! What's your recipe? My son is ridiculously cliche when it comes to eating anything green, but loves pasta!

nic said...

what a photo op--and what amazing photos, raechel! i blend in all sorts of veggies as well...and at this point, i don't ever plan on fessing up. :)

amanda said...

Super duper fun photos!
I love me a bit o' brown sugar in my spaghetti sauce, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Raechel, I'm from Australia and recently stumbled across your blog. I just wanted to say that your children are adorable and you have such a gorgeous family.

My husband and I have a 6.5 month old boy (David) and you've given me the inspiration to get a good camera and learn about photography. What a precious gift to give your children all the memories when they get older!

Thank you for inspiring me.


Kristen said...

Love the pictures!

Tracy said...

we hide all kinds of things in sauces. :)

Duryea Place Designs said...

These photos are just adorable!!

Our Baby "D" said...

I'm a new reader and I just wanted to let you know your sweet babies are SO CUTE! Love the spaghetti face. Sometimes nothing is cuter than a messy meal! :)