21 March 2011

As our sheets were drying in the sunshine on the back porch,


Oliver and I were struck with a fabulous idea.


A little of this...


a little of that...


and "Oliver the Science Kid" (as he prefers to be called at times like these)

got to do what boys like to do on sunny Spring days.


He even surprised me with a thank-you note a few hours later. :)


Love that kid.


Kwilt Noob said...

He sees you as an angel! Do you see the wings? It's making me a little teary.
PS. I may, or may not know from experience that Crocs are perfectly comfy, no matter which feet you put them on.

Little Misses Kate said...

Oh, my. How ridiculously adorable. Send some of that my way? :)

Sarah-Anne said...

so cute!!

Alyssa said...

Cool! My son loves volcanoes, too, and draws them for me constantly. We got him a volcano making kit off amazon that you made with plaster and then paint it and is reuseable. We've made that thing erupt hundreds of times, and we're guaranteed to go through an entire box of baking soda and bottle of vinegar every time! Next time maybe we'll try the food coloring!

Tracy said...

that picture is adorable! <3

Melissa Vines said...

Oliver is so creative! I am super jealous of your clothes line! I want one but hubby vetoed the idea...I think mainly because he doesn't want to make it for me!

Ashley said...

So fun! He's a sweetheart.

Sara said...

I used to love doing that when I was little!

Did you know you can also mix baking soda and vinegar to clear clogged drains? If you didn't, or other bloggy readers didn't, now you do!

nic said...

oh, he is a darling one. my third boy thanks me at the most unexpected times, and it washes my day all sunshiney.

i just love these small people.