06 January 2009

I'm bursting at the seams. Brimming from ear to ear. I just have to tell our good news!

Yes, folks, it's true: We took Oliver on his first diaper-free outing tonight and it was a SUCCESS!!

After he woke up from his nap (so late that Ryan and I had already eaten and cleaned up dinner!), we decided to take Oliver to Starbucks as a little experiment. He's been doing really well at home with telling us when he needs to go; so, risk-takers that we are, we talked him through what was going to happen and prepared him for all eventualities, and off we went. And, when I say "prepared him for all eventualities", I mean we made the Starbucks restroom out to be a wonderland of potty-going joy that is worth the visit all in itself.

I'll also note here that tonight I enjoyed my second cup of coffee ever, and the first Venti of my little life. Yes, folks, I'm one step closer to being an actual adult!

So, off we went, brave souls that we are.

Ryan and I sipped our fru-fru drinks in comfortable chairs and Oliver drank his fru-fru apple juice like a champ (another risky move, I must say). After 20 minutes of sipping and chatting (that'd be Ryan and me) and squirming, sipping, spilling and chatting (that'd be Oliver), Oliver announced that it was time to check out that restroom he'd heard so much about.

And away went the boys. Godspeed, men!

10 minutes later and I was still alone and my Venti was getting chilly. I decided to go check on them, and found Ryan redressing Oliver after a second failed (albeit valiant) attempt. Stage fright, I suppose.

Fortunately, Grandma lives one block south of Starbucks and she happens to have a much more welcoming and familiar potty.

And, we're off again. No accidents yet, though no actual successes yet either. No complaints!

We spent a solid hour at my Mom's house and to our great delight, Oliver initiated two successful trips to the more familiar restroom. Great job, little man!

All said, we were gone for almost 2 1/2 hours and the whole family made it home with dry pants! Hurrah for our little champion!

*I'd count it more of a success, however, if 5 minutes after we walked in the door Oliver didn't notify us just a little too late and spoil his record. Rascal. :)


Granddad said...

But the fact is there were successes...way to go, O!!! Granddad is PROUD of you...and just to show it here is a big neigh, neigh and snort (an inside joke)! :-)

Christine said...

I'm just really glad that the WHOLE family made it home with dry pants. I'd hate to hear that you or Ryan had relapsed.

I'm with Granddad: Way to go, O! We're all cheering for you here at the Case casa!

Tracy said...

Woo hoo! Go Oliver!

The Morrisons said...

Yeah, Big boy! So proud. Good work Mama and Dada-I know you deserve a round of applause too. You have so much patience. It took a long time for me to venture out with no diaper even though Micah was fully potty trained. Glad to hear you are entering into the world of coffee. You won't be sorry, and I hate to tell you: there is no turning back now! We just racked up a pretty nice coffee pot for Christmas (well worth it, especially since it was a gift.) You will have to come try the smoothest cup of coffee from a home coffee pot ever (doctored up with some vanilla cream and sugar of course:)

The Howe Family said...

Hi! I just came to your blog through another one, because I saw something about Franklin. :) We moved to Franklin in March 2008, and really like it here. It is always encouraging to "meet" other Christian mommies. Maybe sometime we will really meet. :)