02 January 2009

We had a lovely, 4-day visit from Ryan's parents early this week. It was great to spend time with them, and for them to have some nice, quality time with Oliver. I'm posting photos here from our Tuesday night ice skating excursion.

Little ice skates for a very little ice skater.
Waiting for everyone else to get laced up.
(And no, it's totally not uncool to take your sippy cup to the rink.)
Granddad & Groovy (Ry's parents)
We are not above making our little one wear his bicycle helmet on the ice.
Near the end we were all buzzed off the ice so the zamboni could do a sweep and make things smooth again. Oliver wasn't a fan of the big, noisy vehicle and fearfully refers to it as the "scare-boni"
A new pair of baby legs for Christmas.
Scout had cold legs.

And, a skating video!


Tracy said...

cute! he looks like such a big boy with his skates on. :)

Where was this?

Raechel said...

We skated at Southern Ice here in Franklin.

Roger's fav sis said...

Oliver's a doll ... and his grandparents are tooooo cool!

Susan said...

Ryan still has his skating skills!