03 January 2009

Why would I, when I can just make them?

I love baby legs! Well, I suppose I should give them a different name, since I'm not buying that brand - let's call them leggies, shall we? Anyhow, they're excellent for potty training toddlers; keeping their legs warm in the winter, while their cute little training undies are easy to access and pull down when nature calls. And, for little girls, they're great little leg warmers under summer skirts and such.

Ryan and I stewed and stewed over which pair of leggies to buy from an Etsy shop for Oliver for Christmas. We cast our final votes, and went with a brown and orange argyle pair. They arrived in time for Christmas, but upon inspection, I realized what a simple process it actually took to produce this little commodity. I don't need to spend $8 (or $11.99 for actual "BabyLegs") per pair! I can do this!

So, Rebecca and I headed to Target. (We love a good Target outing - especially when the husbands take the babies and we don't have a time limit or wailing toddlers to think about!) We found, in the women's sock department, sets of 3 knee high socks for $6.99. Cute ones, at that! (Now, I'll admit rather shamefully here that we pulled a little switch-a-roo on the sets that they made available in order to ensure that we got three pairs that we really liked. A "Not Me Monday" confession on a Saturday?)

We brought our little treasures home to our husbands, like the conquering heroes that we are, and set about our snipping and sewing. It's a simple process really. Just cut the socks of just above the heel. Then, with the foot part, snip off the toe and the heel (leaving just a straight band). This will be your cuff. Then, using the basic physics of sewing, sew the cuff to the top of the sock, taking care not to sew the leg hole shut!

And, voila! You have your very own leggies (and, much longer than any you can buy)! Actually, you have three pairs of leggies for only $6.99 plus tax! Can I hear a "woot" from my thrifty readers?

And, Oliver has his new leggies just in time for today's activity:
"Potty Training Bootcamp"

Here's the man of the hour with a nice striped pair (and a monster shirt!)

And, after a little accident mid-morning, an argyle pair with a hand-me-down John Deere shirt.

Here's to the little victories!


Christine said...

I'm officially in love with knitting (thanks to Janie, Knitter Extraordinaire), and I have a pattern for baby leg warmers in a knitting book I bought over break. Can't wait to do them! It might be awhile, as I'm not nearly to that level. But kudos on your ingenious repurposing!

Rebecca said...


Tracy said...

this is how I make them as well. gotta love it!