24 January 2009

Quick story.

It's Oliver's naptime, which means we probably only have about a 4 in 7 chance of him actually falling asleep. And, today's struggle was no different.

I've been in and out of the house today because of an impending birth, so Ryan was on his own with the little escape artist.

And, escape he did.

At one point this afternoon, Ryan felt like things were suspiciously quiet. Could it be that Oliver had just given in and fallen asleep? Not likely. Ry went to check on him in his room.


Hm. Maybe the guest room?


Okay, so he's not upstairs. Downstairs? (I'll say here that we have occasionally found Oliver playing in the front or back yard after letting himself out without notifying us. Not cool.)

The first sweep of the downstairs produced no Oliver. Ryan's palms begin to sweat.

Double check upstairs. No kid.

Downstairs again. At this point he's looking in closets and such. What he expected to find was an awake, sneaking-around Oliver; what he finally found (to his great relief) was this:

Would I be fooling myself to think that he probably crawled into my bed to sleep because I was gone and it smells like me? Probably. But, it's a nice theory.


Tracy said...

that is so stinking cute!

Christine said...

Oh my goodness, I love his little red cheeks! He still looks like a baby, Rae. At least you have that. :)

Granddad said...

Been there...done that...we found Aimee in a laundry basket in the basement after looking and looking and looking............

4cunninghams said...

Hey Raechel, I came to your site from Christine's. I am from EMD (I think I actually remember you sleeping in a bed near mine when I counseled jr. high camp one year) and I went to Olivet. I was reading her post about homemade wipes and appreciated your input with the baby oil. I may try it. That story about Oliver is too funny. If it helps, I have an almost 2 1/2 year old who seems to have given up naps, but luckily our house is quite small so it limits where she can hide. She generally perfers closets though.

Martha said...

This makes me laugh. It reminds me also of a certain son of mine whom you know very well who, at about Oliver's age, disappeared and after our frantic search was found fast asleep under his bed!