28 January 2009


It's Wednesday morning and I'm just now getting this posted. I know, I'm lame. But, the good news is that we've made it safely to the Case casa and we're having a great time!

**Original post - written Tuesday night**

Yes, it’s Tuesday and I’m only now publishing my “Not Me! Monday” post. But, isn’t that what “Not Me! Monday” is all about – falling short, not confessing, and then feeling much, much better about whatever foolish/shameful/frivolous thing you’ve done during the week?

MckMamma posted hers on time, and she’s not even in the country this week. But, here it is, Tuesday evening, and I’m sitting in the car with my boys, popping open the laptop, catching a few quiet moments to confess everything that I did not do this week.

To begin, while Ryan and I were up watching SNL one evening last week, I did not send him down to the kitchen during a commercial break for a stack of cookies and a glass of milk. As I ate my nighttime treat, I did not get distracted by the show and leave my cookie in the milk just a little too long, thereby leaving at least half of it in the bottom of the glass to spoil my fun. I most certainly did not immediately, without thinking, plunge my entire fist into the bottom of the glass, saving the cookie, only to find my hand (up to my wrist) dripping with milk and nothing to dry it off with. Good thing I thought first and didn’t make a big mess of things for a little bit of cookie.

I also went to see “Marley & Me” with Ryan last week. Let me just say that I did not wear my “traveling pants” so that I could look cute and still be comfortable for the movie.

By the way, I’d like to thank all of you for your kind comments about my last “Not Me! Monday” post. They have not encouraged Ryan to reconsider the house rule regarding maternity apparel.

I do not take advantage of our spare room and use the bed as an ongoing laundry folding station.

After attending an all-day and all-night birth on Saturday, I returned home at 4:00 Sunday morning completely exhausted. I went upstairs to sleep in the guest room (the darkest room in the house) and did not find the bed entirely covered with unfolded laundry. Desperate for sleep, I did not proceed to toss all of the clothes into the pack-n-play that was set up in the room and go to sleep. The sheer volume of unfolded, neglected clothes did not overflow the pack-n-play.

As recently as yesterday morning I did not propose to my husband an impromptu, week-long trip to Chicago without Oliver.

Just two hours into our trip we did not hear the weather man on the radio at a rest stop warn travelers, “If you do not have to travel today, STAY OFF THE ROADS!” Because we are cautious people, we definitely did not get back in the car and continue North to visit my dear college roommate Christine and her charming family.

I am not wearing my “traveling pants” right now.

I did not let Oliver watch an “Arthur” DVD 3 times in a row, and then follow it up with a “Sesame Street” DVD to keep him happy. Of course not, I am the Mom that reads books to my child on long car rides and does not get car sick doing it.

That’s all I’ve got, folks. We have squeezed a 7-hour trip into 9 hours and only have a little over an hour left to go. My toes are wiggling at the prospect of seeing our friends and their little ones for the week, as well as visiting a city that is very near and dear to our hearts.

Deep dish pizza and H&M, here we come!

(Stay tuned on Ryan’s blog and mine this week for trip updates, Case-family fun, and Chicago festivities.)


Christine said...

You're here! It's so fun!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

We're glad you joined us! SOunds like you had an adventure, I love the cookie/milk one- I so would do the same!

Tracy said...

Have a wonderful trip!!

(btw- I get car sick, too! Even turning around to get toys gets me!)

Anonymous said...

first, I love that you posted this on a Wednesday. Perfect! Second, I love this because there is a pack n play currently set up in our bedroom from babysitting. It is currently filled with laundry. Isn't that what everyone does? You are not alone! :) We would love to see you guys if there is a chance! Enjoy your visit! -Tara

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

What a beautiful header! Whoever invented the back seat dvd player is a saint. :)
Found you through MckMama...