29 January 2009

Well, since I've been out of pocket for a bit (minus my "Not Me! Wednesday" post), I figured maybe this was a good time to share some photo updates from my week so far.

I took this photo of Oliver on Monday morning. I meant to include it in my "Not Me!" post because there is something pretty shameful about it. See the handsome sweater he's wearing? We'll, evidently he's very fond of it. My Mom dressed him in that sweater Sunday morning for church, he napped in it, ate several meals and snacks in it, slept in it Sunday night, and wore it all day Monday until it was time for his evening bath. That, folks, is a whole lotta sweater!
Here's a photo from Monday with my newest little doula client. This couple is SO sweet and they were a great team getting this little guy born.
Yeah, it's blurry, but it's precious too. Oliver and Bea asked to eat some clementines from the table, and Rebecca and I told them they needed to pray first. They took it very seriously, and prayed for a good amount of time before partaking (and counting!) the clementines. Sweet kids.
Ryan, on Tuesday night, as we drove through the frozen tundra that was southern Illinois. We were stopped at a gas station to try to clear some of the ice off of our wipers and windshield from the ice storm. I know it's very nerdy and southern of me to post snow pictures, but I included one of the snow under the overhang at the gas station too.

And, here we are today. Ry's been working from Olivet's Higher Grounds coffee shop and I'm stopping by for a mid-afternoon visit.
Can you spot my beautiful new bag? I'm very excited about it!


Jaime said...

What are your Olivet connections? I found your website through my husband, Andy, who knows yours through the 615. I graduated from ONU in 2001.

Raechel said...

My husband and I graduated from ONU in 2005. Small world! :)


Nathan said...

Note the amazing art work on the walls of Higher Grounds (Bethany's art show)!