16 January 2009

My cute Mom stopped by yesterday evening with a late Christmas gift for our family. For the last several years (I would venture at least 4 years), we have made a holiday tradition of getting bay leaf wreaths for our three families (Mom, us, and my sister's family) from Williams Sonoma. The tricky thing about ordering the wreaths is that Williams Sonoma only ships them out 4 times over the course of the winter. So, you may order your wreaths in late December, and they will arrive at your home sometime in mid January. It's fun to wait, and exciting when they come. This year, it was a complete surprise. Thanks, Mom!

It's a great tradition, and a perfect sensual experience. Not only is it so pretty to look at, but it smells phenomenal for weeks (even months!), and you can use the leaves for cooking too. That does still leave out touch and sound, but 3 out of the 5 senses isn't bad!
Here is is this morning, displayed proudly (and strategically) in the middle of our home so we can smell it every time we walk past.
Here's a wider shot. Ten points if you can spot Oliver!
And, this is the little love of my life. Nothing else special, just him.
And finally, I did something this morning that I really never saw myself doing. I put a temporary (monster) tattoo on Oliver's tummy for a little treat. I'm actually sort of opposed to kids running around with crusty, peeling, fake tattoos on their arms/faces/etc., but, I figured a little monster on the belly wouldn't hurt. Besides, he took a bath immediately after, and to both of our disappointment, it vanished entirely.
Have a lovely, frigid Friday!


Christine said...

Is he leaning in the kitchen, possibly climbing??

ps: I love the wreath. Thanks for the heads-up for next year.

Susan said...

I love that little (big) belly!

Susan said...

Oh and I love to touch my wreath because the leaves are so smooth!