20 October 2010

Miss Hazel,

We were so caught up in the excitement of your big brother turning four last week that it caught us by surprise when we looked at the calendar the next day and realized you were turning 7 months old! Didn't you just turn 6 months old just a couple of days ago??
The truth is, you've been so busy making developmental strides this month that I really can't let a milestone post slip by unwritten. Here is what you have been up to in the past four weeks:
  • You have cut your first FOUR teeth - two on top and two on bottom
  • You are beginning to get the hang of feeding yourself. Your pincer grasp still needs a little work, but it's definitely coming along!
  • You are cruising more. You do it most when you're not thinking about it - so focused on where you want to be it doesn't occur to you that you're practically just willing yourself to get there.
  • In this same manner, you've also been doing a lot of transferring from one object to another while standing.
  • You're a crawling machine. You can hold your own in a game of chase with your brother. Congrats.
  • You definitely recognize your name and understand the word "no". (This also means we've gotten to know your "mischief face" when you're getting into something you know isn't allowed. Why must that mischief face be so doggone adorable??)
  • You are babbling a lot!
  • You also do this cute thing we call "the silent babble" where your mouth moves open and closed (and your fat cheeks go out in that cute baby way) but you don't make any noise or it's just a whisper.
  • Your Granddad and Groovy taught you to clap when they were here visiting. Whenever they sang a song and clapped a long, you'd sit up and do your best to mimic them. You can imagine their delight!
  • You eat almost anything we offer you. You love chickpeas, applesauce, bananas, oatmeal, rice cakes and steamed or roasted veggies. You also loved the raspberry sauce daddy dipped your pacifier in during Oliver's birthday dessert at P.F. Chang's.
  • You are sleeping a little better but there's still no predicting how any given night will go for us. We are just so anxious for the first night we will be able to report that you have slept through the night! Your best sleeping stretch this month was probably about 7-8 hours and you still typically nurse at least once a night. This, my sweet girl, is not our first choice. Maybe we could aim for a better report at eight months, eh?
  • You are definitely improving at nap time these days, taking a 3-hour nap in the morning and usually 2 hours in the afternoon. You'll wake once or twice in this time and work it out on your own. THIS is what we like to see!

You are more fun with every month, Hazel-girl. Having a daughter is everything we hoped for and so much more. You melt us!

Love, Mama


Erin said...

time sure does fly!!! did you make that top?! you always have the best prints on her! love that little shirt . . i need to learn how to sew!

love hearing about her!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 7 months, Hazel! She's getting so big!