02 October 2010


Gil Money Myers, that is.

Yes, Money is his middle name. Don't judge.

To clarify, his naming conversation on the way home from the pet store went something like this:

Ryan: So, what are we going to name him?

Oliver (after offering many nonsensical names that just sounded like a lot of consonants rolled together): How about Honey Money?

Ry (thinking he is very clever and probably the first person to think to name a fish this offers): Hmm... how about Gil?

Oliver: Yes! Gil Money!

Me: Alright, Gil Money Myers it is!

Ry (still feeling clever): Yeah, we can call him G-Money!

Yes, we're lame parents. But the good thing is, Oliver doesn't know it yet! You can imagine all the fun points we scored yesterday when we picked Oliver up from preschool and announced on the way to the car that we were taking him to the pet store to pick out his very own fish.

(You know, he's outside swinging right now probably thinking to himself "my parents rock!" Okay, maybe not. But we were really trying to show him a good time!)

So, we have a male betta fish named Gil Money.

His name, though not awesome, is a vast improvement from some of the other options Oliver had. (His other two suggestions were "Scout" and "Hazel". Already taken. But good taste in names, bud!)

Also the type of fish - nothing fancy, but a VAST improvement from his initial choice.

That's right. I have the kid that threw up on the first day of preschool. And now, the kid that chose the dead fish at the pet store. Seriously.

There were two full walls of bright fish tanks filled with all colors and sizes and shapes of fish. We did happen to see one yellow fish floating at the top of one tank and I happened to mention that that was a dead fish. But then we moved on and enjoyed our browsing. And at the end we asked him which fish we should take home and without hesitation he answered, "That dead one!!"

We did finally settle on poor Gil Money, but not before Oliver asked the store clerk if they sold stingrays.

So, now you know. We have a fish. That's his name. And - as Oliver pointed out - the Myers family is officially even-up: Three girls (Me, Haze, Scout) and three boys (Ry, Oliver, G-Money).



Sarah Robbins said...

I have a beat fish named To Go Too (my sister's was named To Go). We have had him for 3 years (yes, the average life expectancy is 18 months). He is a great source of conversation. He has suffered 2 cross town moves and one cross country drive. We've taken him to dinner, the movies- he's even gone to work with my husband as needed. We love our beta! they are so easy and so fun. I hope Oliver delights in his fish as much as we have!

Sarah Robbins said...

Ooops- I meant beta! Sorry for the typo!

Brittanie said...

I have 2 bettas right now (not in the same place of course) One is named Rupert VIIII. I always have one named Rupert. The other....he doesn't have a name. I'll have to have my 3 year old name him. lol @Sarah, the average life span for a betta is actually 3 years, with a maximum of 5 years. And when you buy one it's already 6 months to a year old. You've obviously taken really good care of him.

The Morrisons said...

Hooray for the fish. Hope you guys enjoy! We will have to face our fish bowls next to each other and watch them show their stuff.

Becky said...

Our very first goldfish was named Gilbert! Then we had Finley! I thought I was being clever...my son was only 2 months old at the time...so it worked!:) Now he's 11 and his sister is 6 and they both have blue betas...one named Cerulean and one named Polka Dot!? *sigh* Kids!:)

Becky said...

Oh...and when I was in high school I had a plecostomus (yes, I googled it) named Hoover...he lived for about 3 yrs...alone in the tank!

Raechel said...

We had a plecostomus too! When I was in grade school. He was 10"+ long and his name was Ted.

I really liked that fish.


Our Family said...

Too funny. Kids sure make life interesting. Thanks for sharing! Kappy

Kate said...

So I tweeted yesterday that I was reading your WHOLE blog and I just finished. Wowza, you have some talent (I bet you hear that hundreds of times a day).
You even inspired me to finish a chair I was recovering (and I wrote a blog post about it)
Looking forward to keeping up with you and your ADORABLE family! (My sister Mic was also hooked after one peek at your blog while at my house)

Kate said...

Also I had a beta fish named Gus while I was in university.

Andrea said...

Very cute! We had fish the entire time I grew up.

Rebecca said...
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Alyssa said...

Love it! We had a beta that my daughter named Shoelace. Then when I was expecting her brother, we couldn't decide on a name, so when we asked her, she said SHoelace! She spent the next few months telling everyone her brother would be named Shoelace, up until he actually arrived. I'm sure the Kroger cashier thought I'd lost my mind! Good luck with Gil- those fish are pretty hardy!