07 October 2010

This has been one of my favorite projects ever.

I remember when I was pregnant with Hazel (before we knew she was a girl), telling Ryan that one (among MANY) of the reasons I wanted a girl was for the fun design challenge it would be to put together a brother/sister nursery.

The decorating in most of my house is a little minimalist. We have lots of clean lines, bold colors with greyscale and very little busyness or pattern. It's how we like it.

But, we wanted the kids' room to feel saturated with warmth yet bright and playful and restful. We wanted to accommodate the sweet femininity of a baby girl, and the playful energy of a little boy.

All of those things in a 11'x11' room.

And, since the good Lord did indeed bless us with a daughter, I got the design challenge I'd been hoping for. Now that she's six months old, I can finally say that it's {almost} complete!

{The Truth: I will tell you, there is one portion of the nursery that is not yet complete. The wall opposite Hazel's crib (above the length of Oliver's bed) will soon house a collage of prints and other various boyish things. It's the thing that's been keeping me from sharing what is complete. But, I've had so many of y'all sweetly asking me to share their room that I just couldn't bear to put it off any longer. We WILL finish it all. And when we do, I'll share that too.}

And now, without any further ado,
Oliver and Hazel's Nest:


butterfly mobile: made using this tutorial as a rough guide, paper butterflies purchased here.

"be kind to others" print: The Wheatfield on Etsy

fabric used to make Hazel's crib skirt and bumper, Oliver's duvet, window valance and Hazel's baby quilt (on the rocking chair): Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks and Little Folks lines.

bright pink (incredibly soft) crib sheet: Pottery Barn Kids

rocking chair: yard sale, $15!

photo of newborn Hazel: photography, Claire Wise Photography; printing, Mpix; clip frame, IKEA

chest: Ryan's childhood dresser; paint, "pencil" by Martha Stewart, available at The Home Depot, knobs and handles also from The Home Depot

yellow letter "H" on shelf: Davis Kidd bookstore

cool green mirror: yardsale, 50 cents; spray painted green

purple honeycomb wet bag (aka: a pretty thing to hold yucky diapers): Amazon

sock monkey: Dotty Monkey on Etsy

pink and white letters spelling "HAZEL": Pottery Barn Kids

Oliver's green turtle bank: adorable little shop in Ft. Lauderdale, sorry I can't remember the name

Hazel's yellow owl bank: Urban Outfitters (bought it just last week for $8!)

beautiful baby girl: mine :)

gorgeous new white pine floors: lovingly installed by my husband. I'm planning to share a post about this too.

paint color: "teal zeal" by Behr at The Home Depot

And there you have it, folks! I don't think I've forgotten anything. Once I complete Oliver's special wall I'll photograph it and share that side of the room as well.


keight dukes said...

you are for seriousness gifted. man, that is so boyish, so girlish, so STYLISH, so unique (not -ish)! and it matches your etsy banner too (i am seeing this as i type)

Krista said...

I love this room! These are my two very favorite colors, and although I'm not anywhere near having children in my young life, I am already filing away ideas. This is a lovely inspiration. :)

Melissa said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You have impeccable tastes!! My girls' rooms are the same color, I love it! Since we have 2 girls, we did pink accents though. Oh my, if my kids shared a room, my baby would keep my 3 year old up all night with her constant nightwaking for feedings, etc. I would love to have the extra space though and have my kids share a room! Just one question...do you have a changing table or diaper changing area for Hazel?

Anonymous said...

what is the color of the wall?

Kate said...

It's so cute! I love the colour of the walls.

Christine said...

Oh, I really like the color of the dresser. It pops! You've done a great job, Rae. Such good, saturated colors to stimulate little minds. Yay! Love it! Love that baby girl in that crib!

Erin said...

Super cute. Love everything about the room. How did you decide that they would share a room?

cant wait to see his side of the room!

DeborahRobson said...

The room looks awesome!

Raechel said...

Melissa: we have Hazel's changing table in our room downstairs because that's where she slept until she was 4 months old. Now we have baskets in Oliver's headboard and one has diapers and wipes in it. We change her either on his bed or on the floor. I have a picture of how everything is stored in their closet - I'll post it next week. Remind me!

Leanne: sorry! the paint color is Teal Zeal by Behr. I had it written and it must have gotten deleted. It's on there now! :)

Erin: we really wanted them to grow up sharing a room. At least for a few years. They get so excited about bedtime together and it's fun to listen to them settling down together. I still remember the first night they successfully fell asleep in their room together - such a victory! Now, when she cries at night, he usually sleeps right through it. At worst, we'll find him with a pillow over his ears :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

You did an amazing job! It's a perfect boy/girl room!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! It is a beautiful room! our kids share a room too, and the big kid usually either ignores the baby, sleeps through it, or tries to help him go to sleep. Its so bonding for them!

Melissa said...

Thanks Raechel! I was just curious...a changing area always takes up so much room so i was curious as to how you solved that problem :) :) The room is just gorgeous! You make me want to move my kids to the same room :)

nault's nook said...

LOVE it!!!!!It is wonderful! The perfect blend for the two cutest babes! Great job!

amanda said...

What a fun project! You guys did an amazing job! Lucky little nestlings! :)

I look forward to hearing about the floor.. We've gradually gotten rid of (almost) all the carpeting in our home & love real, raw materials, we've floored some of our rooms with locally harvested (and renewable) white pine as well. I'm crazy for avoiding epoxy & glue packed off-gasing materials.
Simple goodness wrapped up there in that beautiful little room!

The Bee Hive said...

Love it!!! Love the floors, it's such a great way to bring more light in, too! We've got the same print. Love how it works in that room!

Anonymous said...

Love the room! I agree that it is boyish and girly at the same time.

What did you have Hazel's photo mounted on if anything? I'm going to blow up a picture of my two for their room and I'm debating between a canvas and a simple picture frame like you did. I love the canvas wraps, but they aren't right for every picture.

Molly @ Me and Madeline said...

Absolutely perfect! I love everything about it. I love that you used coordinating fabrics for a boy and girl quilt and I adore that yellow dresser!
I would LOVE to see thier shared closet - I'm going to have to figure that out in the very near future (4 months and counting!)and I have no CLUE where to start!

Brei said...

good gracious, I think this is my FAVORITE baby room ever...maybe even my favorite room ever. Love it, love it. And the babe in it is pretty delicious as well. :)

keight dukes said...

why is this not on oh dee doh's tours?!!?!? seriously...can i nominate you.