04 October 2010

Excuse me little one, with perfect tiny fingers and a fuzzy white little head,


may I interrupt your snuggly high chair resting time


to count the rolls on your arms and legs? feed you breakfast?


I love you this morning, sweet daughter.

(In case you may ask: my dining room curtains are from Avec Dieu Couture on Etsy and the high chair is from IKEA. Also, since you DID ask, the pretty dishes in the plate rack are from Pottery Barn a couple of years back.)


Kristie said...

Oh! I love your high chair! Would you mind me asking what kind it is, where you got it, and most importantly is it easy to clean??? Ours is horrible to keep clean and I am looking for a new one...thank you so much!

Raechel said...

We got the high chair at IKEA. I think it was under $20 and it is our FAVORITE! :)

Claire said...

The plates on display in the background are what I am wondering about! Where are they from? I love all the color in your home and your little girl is beautiful!

BARBIE said...

So precious! Love your curtains. My kids are long out of the high chair but would recommend this one to everyone!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

She is so sweet!

DeborahRobson said...

I have this same highchair in blue and we LOVE them!! We love that the legs pop out and we can take it anywhere with us. It's really nice to have dinner at a friends house and the babies (i have twins) have a place to eat too! plus, it is SO easy to clean!

Kristie said...

Thanks so much! Must check it out! We are about to start solid foods here and oy what a mess we will be!!! =)

The Bee Hive said...

The curtains look great!