13 October 2010

You know you've officially got a child in school (even just preschool) when you find yourself making a very late-night trip to the grocery store because you forgot that this was your week to be in charge of snacks.

You also know you're a parent of a student (however small) when you are sitting at dinner the night before school and suddenly realize that you had all week to work on your son's homework project and you haven't even begun to think about it.

That was us last night. On both counts. Sheesh.

All "how could we have possibly forgotten Oliver's very first homework assignment, what does this say about his career as a student?" aside, it was actually a very fun project.

Last week his teacher sent home a note saying that Oliver was chosen (because his birthday is on Friday, I imagine) to be the "Star of the Week" next week. Evidently this is pretty big beans. When you're the star of the week you get to:
  • be the line leader
  • be the "wedder" helper (which we thought for the longest time had to to with the alphabet. Turns out it's actually the weather helper. So glad to know.)
  • be in charge of bringing snack for the class (yogurt tubes and organic chocolate animal crackers: check.)
  • give your very first class presentation by sharing an "All About Me" page that you and your parents, no doubt, have been working on all week long.
Fortunately, we Myers' are quick thinkers. So, we helped Oliver scroll through our iPhoto for some favorite photos of the ones he loves (if it were up to him, they would have all been pictures of Scout as a puppy, 3 years before he was born).

A half an hour later, this is what we came up with:

I think there is probably a bit of explanation needed for these drawings, so allow me to clarify:
  1. Favorite Book: The Bible. Hence the cross. He has four of them in his headboard bookcase at all times. He loves cross-referencing stories - particularly "Jesus died on the cross" and "Davis and Golias". (You can see illustrated to the right of the bible a very tall "Golias" wielding a sword and a smaller "Davis" beside a stone and a sling.)
  2. Favorite Toy: If you were impressed that his favorite book was the Bible, you can be unimpressed that his favorite toy isn't something wooden or stuffed and requiring lots of imagination. His favorite toy is the family iPod touch. Don't judge. We do limit play time. I will say, he knew exactly how he wanted to draw it and even drew his five favorite apps: Ice Cream Shop, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Tap Fish and Hoggy.
  3. My Fish: I believe you all have been introduced to GilMoney. Oliver really wanted the water to be purple, which makes it a little tough to see the rocks and plant at the bottom. But, you can definitely see the pink betta fish and the "G" next to the tank.
  4. Favorite Food: He went with a grape. A surprising choice, but an excellent execution.

And here is our guy, headed to school with his completed homework. I think this has the makings of an "A", don't you?


And here he is, folks. Our very own, ever cooperative and always enthusiastic


And the lesser known among the preschool crowd but equally adored at home,


Happy Wednesday, friends!


Jen said...

Awww, I remember "Star of the Week"! Our old-school version involved sending baby pictures to school and filling out an "about me" sheet.

Oliver's collage is cooler, that's for sure.

Christine said...

I would hate being a parent of a kid in Oliver's class. My kid's project would be all gluey and crappy, and Oliver would walk in with his all shiny and designed. :)


Bethany said...

Oh, I just adore that last picture of Oliver!

Sarah Robbins said...

That is SO precious! He did such a great job. As a former elementary school teacher, star of the week is THE big deal of the year. I would also give him an "A". And a scratch and sniff sticker.

amanda said...

Love it, love it, love it. :)

Erin said...

oh that is so cute I can't wait to start doing this with Alex. Next year :)

Tracy said...

I remember being "Star of the Week" in kindergarten. I loved it! We got to be line leader and class helper and we also got a book that the rest of the class made for you(I still have mine and still love it). The teacher would have each kid draw a picture about you and then she would go around and write whatever you wanted on the picture and then they hole punched all the pictures and made a book out of it.
P.S. I read my husband your blog from time to time and he thinks that Oliver is just the coolest little kid ever!