04 April 2009

Guess what we did today?

On my weekly garage sale outing this morning, I came across a big box of old crayons. I offered the nice woman $.50 for the entire box and I don't think she could make the transaction quickly enough. Clearly, these crayons had haunted this all-grown-up family for too long. I was glad to take them off their hands.

When I arrived home and Ryan helped me unload my haul from the car, he was visibly unsure about why on earth I would buy a big box of old crayons.

Stick with me, baby, I'll show you a good time!

After Oliver was down for his afternoon nap we plopped down on the family room rug with our big crayon box and a garbage can. We peeled the wrappers off the crayons one by one and actually had a great time doing it, talking color and such as we went.

By the time the crayons were peeled (we used about a third of the box) Ryan really started getting into the game. He suggested we separate all the colors for easy scheming.

Once the colors were separated, things really got interesting. We preheated the oven to 350 degrees and set to breaking the crayons into bits (a favorite childhood pastime of my beloved). We placed the bits into cupcake tins and let the experimenting begin. (I made that black and white one - it turned out really neat!)

And, roughly 8 minutes later, Voila! CrayonCakes! (I'll note that during the 8 minutes of "cooking" Ryan and I were plastered to the window of the oven like kids watching cookies bake.)

Aren't they pretty?

We'll decorate Easter eggs next week. But for today, we had a great time making a fun thing - and leaving the only child in the house out of all the fun. Maybe when he's older!

The moral of this story? Ryan + Raechel + color = Fun!


Christine said...

You guys are so cute! Looks like fun. And I can't believe you're garage sale-ing already. We're still a couple weeks out.

4cunninghams said...


Tracy said...

that's a neat idea! Now Oliver can color with those cakes, too. :)

Bev said...

You two crack me up!! Put two artists together and what do you get?? Crayon cakes!! Wish I could have watched them in the oven, too!! I love the bowls sorted by color too!! What fun!

Susan Graham said...

those are soooo cool!

The Morrisons said...

The boys love their cakes! Thanks for sharing.

Nathan said...

Your creations would have made Rorschach proud!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Thanks for sharing! That's a great idea for something to do with my 4 year old!

amanda said...

We love creating new stuff out of old, as well, on every scale. My husband is a general contractor, and a hobby woodworker, we love building things small & large, with repurposed materials. A couple of years ago he got his dream toy, his own sawmill, so now we can even make our wood planks & custom lumber out of fallen trees in the woods. SUCH fun. A sauna is in the works.
Anyhow, crayon cookies are a classic at in our home too! :)