08 April 2009

Welcome to Way Back Whensday!, my own little blog carnival where we dig through old photo albums and such to share fond memories, regrettable fashions and the glories about our pre-baby lives with all our bloggy friends! Join me, will you?

This week's topic - Hair Worth Remembering (or forgetting!).

Allow me to get things started:

This is me in 5th grade. I know, impressive! And, to think, I actualy spent time that morning with a curling iron and hairspray, took a final look and satisfied thought to myself, "Yes, this is how I want to be remembered. Looks good!"
Four years later, here I am in 9th grade. LOTS of hair (which I PAINSTAKINGLY straightened then curled), and as you can see (or, not see) a new set of braces. Did I actually think smiling with my mouth closed was a clever disguise?
Okay, here I am in the summer of 2005. It was about a month before my first pregnancy. So, the hairstyle isn't cute, I get that, but can we talk about all the tight curls and how my babies have sucked the curls right out of me?
I've save the best for last. Here I am with my dear (and hopefully forgiving??) sister in 3rd grade. I don't know who did this to me, but at least I can say that I am not responsible for this one!

Now that everyone's clear on how totally awesome I am, we can move on to the fun of linking up to all of yall's awesomeness! Cross your fingers with me that this works!


"B" said...

Ha! Old pictures are the best!
Question though... Does this mean your hair is not really blonde, but in fact light brown? Who would have known?!

Tracy said...

hehe. I love it!

4cunninghams said...

Love it! THis is a fun theme!

Christine said...

Dang, I wish I were first.

And I lurve your hair. Ohmygoodness. The closed-mouth smile is priceless. Too bad I don't have some shots of my old perms.

Raechel said...

Yes, B, it's true. My hair is definitely NOT blonde anymore. I lost that at about age seven. But, like you said, who would know!? :)

Susan said...

Nice to see the shores of Lake Michigan in Muskegon. Your hair looks great.

tara said...

I love these! I am pretty sure I have a h.s photo with that identical hair! I love the curly shot too! You are so cute!

keight dukes said...

HAHAHAHA just saw that first gem of a pic peeking at me from you linkwithin and HAD to come see. your closed mouth style makes you look so gangsta. and i love the tartan vest! and obviously necklace over a turtleneck is the right choice. these are so very classic. and i love the blondie newlywed curls...so cute! funny because my kids sucked the curl INTO my hair...but only in the back.

Melissa Vines said...

Oh these are sooo good! I'm sure I have some pictures of my awesome crimped hair somewhere or the time that I dyed my hair blue. Someone once called me a waffle head...it was traumatizing and I think it ended my love for crimped hair.