20 April 2009

This weekend we had a great big garage sale at our house to raise money for plane tickets to Africa.

That's right, folks. We're getting very close! The Faires family is actually (as of Thursday afternoon) 5th on the list for referrals! We could, theoretically, see photos of two baby boys any day! Nearly all of the money has been raised from various efforts, and we managed to add another $400 toward airfare this weekend. Lots of people donated lots of stuff and we had a great time in the sunshine!

Scout's approval rating also went up as she was on her best behavior with all the strangers in her yard saying what a pretty dog she is. I like to think she boosted sales!

Oliver found Ry's old hockey helmet and had a hard time parting himself from it for the rest of the afternoon. It prooved to be tricky, though, to get your cheese and pretzels to your mouth through the cage.

O also found a pair of random (and way too big!) tennis shoes that (he felt) complemented the helmet beautifully.

On Sunday we had a quiet afternoon to ourselves. After Oliver woke up from his nap we grilled a pork tenderloin and played on the patio. The summer sun always makes his hair whiter and his head tanner - a handsome combination!

Oliver looks skeptical of my new herbs.

That's all I've got today. Happy Monday, friends! And, don't forget, Way Back Whensday is only two days away; let's go waaay back to photos of ourselves as babies! I'll put up a Mr. Linky, so don't leave me hanging!


Tracy said...

Wow! That was an amazing garage sale!

Anonymous said...

Oliver looks great in "the cage"! And how about that surfer guy tan...

Aunt Annette said...

It was fun counting the money! Kristen and I did our best! Also, Oliver is ever so handsome!

Christine said...

I can't do WBW this week. :( No scanner. Baby photos buried in basement. It's all rather sad.