22 April 2009

I hate to post this right on top of my last post (worth reading!!), but here it is Wednesday and I can't stop the beat!

This week we're sharing photos of ourselves as babies! Feel free to share photos of your husbands as babies as well - maybe compare them to your kids' baby photos.

This week, I've got just three photos to share. I'm sure you'll all agree that these explain Oliver and Evie's hair color (though Ry was quite the towhead as well). And, in case you've never noticed before, yes, I have huge lips. Enjoy!

6 Months Old

12 months old with my cousin Lee (9 months old). He and I were like Bea and Oliver. And, yes, I look like a boy. I assure you, that's a baby girl there on the left. Why my mother dressed me in a blue whale outfit I'll never know. But, we matched and I guess that's what matters.

Alright, friends. Time to link-a-roo! You know the drill: post Way Back Whensday pictures on your blog (they don't HAVE to be baby photos, any way-back photos will do), then use Mr. Linky to put a link to your blog right here so lots of people can come and see what you have to show. (And, by "lots of people", I mean Christine and Tracy and maybe a few others...) :)

Happy Wednesday! Don't forget to read the post beneath this one too! (I wish I could make a little arrow with my letters, but that is just beyond me!)


Christine said...

I love the Olan Mills photo shoots! You (and Lee) look adorable. Love the whale. And the lips.

Can't participate this week. Boo-hooing about it, because believe me, I've got some O.M. shots of my own that are doozies. (Like the one where I look angelic and Candice is a crying, furious mess because she was TERRIFIED of the photographer.)

Tracy said...

I'm up and posted. :)

woodfamily10 said...

I am officially a participant of Way Back Whensday...great idea! Love you and those luscious lips of yours! :)

Susan said...

Aunt Michelle bought both those outfits so we could have your pics together. Looking at it now, I agree, it's a boy outfit. At the time, I was busy just keeping you and Rebecca fed, bathed, diapered, etc. :)

tara said...

you guys appear to have the same shirt. Maybe the whale was to cuten (that's a word, right :) ) yours up a bit. Either way I would just like to point out that lee had no neck as a child. Luckily that has changed with time but all his baby photos are just a head on shoulders.

SarahMerritt said...

I the idea of looking back and I had to do this so I am posted!

The Morrisons said...

Whew! Finally I can do this by myself now! Love those lips; what a cute baby.