21 April 2009

Baby Stellan is, as I type, undergoing heart surgery in Boston. You can read the details of his story on his (Mck)Mama's blog. Pray for this little guy and his family this morning - and wear orange like Oliver!


life during naptime said...

I am constantly amazed at how small the world is. I read about your sweet girl Evie months ago. I remember being amazed at your faith in our Lord. Yesterday as I read baby April Rose's update I was immediately drawn to the fact that UD+M was located in Nashville. We live 30 minutes north of Nashville. & once I went to their site {my husband is also a graphic designer - Rush Design Group} and somehow got to your site through your husbands blog - I just couldn't believe it. I read through so much of your blog and with tears in my eyes praised the Lord for His goodness & grace. God has received such glory in your testimony & I can only imagine the furthering of His kingdom through Evie's life story. Thank you for sharing.

{we are in orange for stellan today too!}

Christine said...

We didn't have any orange (I'm not a fan, so I end up not letting it seep into our wardrobe), but we do have dinosaur sweatshirts! Hope Stellan understands.