29 April 2009

Good morning, friends and welcome to Way Back Whensday - my own little blog carnival where we dig through old photo albums and such to share fond memories, regrettable fashions and the glories of our pre-baby lives with our our bloggy friends! Join me, will you?

This week's topic - Senior Pictures!

I graduated from high school in 2001 - that'd be eight years ago next month. I thought that probably my senior pictures wouldn't be too shocking since they weren't waaaay back, but I was wrong. I can't believe how much younger I look - and honestly, how not-together I look. Ha!

Hang tight to the end of this post and you'll be glad you did - as I dug through my senior pictures I cam across a real gem! We're talking blackmail worthy! Why am I sharing it with you all? Because that's what Way Back Whensday is all about!

Raechel Pennington, age 18 :)

(are you noticing a theme among these photos - I can't manage to keep my eyes open when I smile - I'm just that happy to be 18!)

And now, for that gem I promised you all. I honestly don't even know what to say in my defense. All I can remember is that there was an American flag and a ladder at the studio, we'd groomed and brought our miniature schnauzer just in case, and I evidently bought a pair of pasjama pants that I thought passed as cool summer lounge gear or something. So, all of that put together, and voila! we have this:

Can I get this in wallet-size to share with my friends??

And now that I have made it clear what a way-cool cat I am, I can't wait to see what y'all have in your archives! Go ahead - dig through your memory books and share your senior pictures with us! Share the graduation year too if you like! Once you've posted, come back here and link up with Mister Linky so we can all enjoy your senior moments! Don't forget to link back to this post on your blog so that folks can find the source of all the Way Back Whensday fun!

Get ready for next "Whensday" now! In celebration of the coming summer months, next week's theme will be "A Day at the Beach". Do you have pictures from your very first visit to the beach? Did you grow up near the beach? Did you only ever visit swimming pools? These photos can span all of childhood. So, whether you were two or twelve, share you best (and worst!) photos of being a little fishy!

Happy "Whensday", friends!


Christine said...


Seriously. A gem, to be sure.

(Sorry I'm not participating. My heart wishes it could soar like yours as you reveal your 18-year-old self to the world.)

(And I had a picture with our golden retriever. I don't even really care for dogs.)

Tracy said...

That flag picture is hysterical!

The Morrisons said...

can't comment too much--eyboard s actng funny. Love the flag one. more later!!

Anonymous said...

Okay - so I love this blog carnival and someday I plan to join in but had to stop and say how funny your flag picture is! Just hilarious - I love it :)

Nieman Family said...

I'll join this one...But first I need to take a picture of my senior picture. :)