25 April 2009

It was a busy Saturday for the Myers family! I'd love to tell you all about it, but I think it would be more fun to show you all about it!

The morning started with a bit of garage saleing for me and "putts-ing" in the garage for the boys. When I got home, I worked to assemble my newest treasure: a bike seat for Oliver for the front of my bike. (Really cool - and way cuddly to ride with your little peanut in front of you! Plus, we can talk while we ride, which is also cuddly!) I paid $8 for the bike seat in an unopened box - it retails for $60! Woot!

By late morning we all hopped on our bikes and headed downtown for the annual Main Street Festival.

Here are the boys upon arrival.

After checking out all the food options, we finally settled on some good, southern barbecue, the biggest corndog I've ever seen, and the kind of fries you only get at street fairs like this. Y-U-M!

An old couple passing by said we needed a photo of our little family sitting on the sidewalk eating our lunch. I asked them to put their money where their mouth was and handed them our camera. After a few "now-which-button-do-I-push?" moments, we came out with this. Thanks, cute old couple!

Oh, and then we saw a pug in a hiking backpack.

More Main Street fun meant we needed to hydrate! So, we stopped at our favorite snow cone stand and went to town!

After lots of sun, sugar and so much more, it was clearly time to hop on our bikes to head home for the little one to nap. Do you see how cute it is to ride with your man-cab in the front?

While Oliver napped, we worked in the landscaping. I've never enjoyed working in the yard as much as I have this spring. There's my salvia and my Scout.

Once Oliver woke up from his rest, we headed to the Matheny's to celebrate Will's 50th birthday. Phenomenal grilled hot dogs and brats were served - and how could we expect anything less than phenomenal from our ultra-culinary friends?

The party got going and basically, a whole lot of this happened:

...and, a little bit of this as well.

Now, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll be expecting me to say that the next part of our day involved Oliver and Ryan rushing home to set up tents and a campfire in the backyard for a mini father-son camping trip. That was the plan, anyway. But, after the cycling and the slushy eating and the chicken chasing (at the Matheny's), by the time we got home, we turned around to see this in the back seat:
Oh well, maybe next Saturday. :)


The Morrisons said...

Sounds great, Raechel! I am jealous. I was home without the love of my life with not one but two sick children :( Alas, looks like we will miss the picnic tomorrow too. Hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend. Let's get together soon (once I get my kids "back to healthy again" that is!)

Christine said...

Poor little guy! I'm tired just reading about your day!!

I'm in the throes of re-mulching, planting annuals, getting my herbs in order, etc. So fun. I haven't been able to do it the last couple years (pregnancy, etc.), so I'm loving it. Your salvia (which I read in your title as "saliva," and I was just confused) look lovely.

Also, now I am hungry for a giant corn dog.

Tracy said...

I read Saliva at first, too. :)

sounds like a fabulous day! I love the picture of your family. Very sweet.

Roger said...

Wow....great weather, great fun...nothing like a chicken on the run!! Love that little guy!!

Roger said...

P.S. ...... pool in Michigan is open... :-)

Anonymous said...

I used to have that same bike seat and I LOVED it! My babes would fold their arms on the headrest and use as a place to lay their heads on long rides. I miss those days. Enjoy!

Groovy said...

Was it planned that Oliver and Daddy were dressed alike at the festival? So sweet!! Love the lounge chair picture of Oliver "relaxin" in the sun!! Miss you all!

Bev said...

Your landscaping looks great! Flowers are lovely. Love my hands in the dirt, too!