06 April 2009

So, I visited Christine's blog this morning to see how her contact solution stash was holding up (you can imagine my relief when I found the answer!) and noticed she had a cool bookshelf widget on her sidebar. And, since I like to be like Christine and have cool widgets, you'll see I've added one of my own.

On the second page of my "shelf" I have listed a book called "Supper of the Lamb". My sister recommended it to me and we're planning to use it as one of the textbooks for the Homekeeping class we'll be teaching at Franklin Classical School next year. Check it out!

I also have listed one of Oliver's current faves: "Bob the Christmas Reindeer". Yep, it's April. Oliver isn't incredibly discriminating.

That's all for now. There may or may not be a Not Me Monday! in my future today. I know, you're all on the edge of your seats. We'll just have to see how the day progresses.

Happy Easter week, friends!

Oh, and if you want to create your own bookshelf, visit Shelfari and see how you like it!

Oh, and one more thing: This is your official reminder for this week's Way Back Whensday! Let's show off some hairdos worth remembering (or forgetting!!). I can't wait to see! And, I'm planning to give the Mr. Linky think a whirl, so PLEASE, link up so I don't feel like a big linky buffoon!


Christine said...

You must have accidentally hit "publish" for WBW, eh? It's showing up in my feed reader. I won't look, I promise! And thanks for the reminder. I'll see if I can get my hands on a scanner.

And just so you know, Shelfari wasn't at all original for me. I actually copied a friend's blog. And I haven't yet given her credit. April, here's your shout-out. Thanks for the brilliant idea! It's catching on.

Raechel said...

Yeah, I actually intentionally hit publish, just to make sure Mr. Linky would work, thinking I could also unpublish. Turns out, even once it's published, post-dating it won't work. I finally deleted the post and started over, which took it off my blog, but it's still in everyone's feed readers. I'm proud of you for not peeking!

And, if you ever need to use Mr. Linky - let me know. I had to pay a $10 annual fee to get one that didn't require me to re-format my header. So, you are always welcome to log in as me!

Here's to beating the system! And, to never actually being able to un-publish. :)

Christine said...

Oh, you big linky buffoon! I had the publish issue a couple days ago. I hit it on accident, then thought I could post-date it to fix the problem...and you know the rest. I had to put up with like 3 posts in one day. Blech.

Thanks for the Linky offer! If I ever have need, I know where to come. And if you ever...I don't know...need any advice on completely SCREWING UP your html by dabbling in the witchcraft that is coding, then you know where to turn.

I convince myself I can do things on my own, and then I remember why people are paid to do said things.

The Morrisons said...

Wish I could take that class! Think they would let an adult sit-in?