27 April 2009

After church yesterday we couldn't resist spending just a bit more time at the Main Street Festival (since it was literally right in front of our church). It was a cooler day (only low 80s), so we were able to take the time to peruse some of the street vendors a bit more comfortably.

After making a few happy purchases, we headed to the Hensley's house for a big church picnic. Yummy food, great fellowship, you get the picture. It was amazing to see the difference in Oliver from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 as he his not much more enjoyable at events such as this. Last year we were following him around, making sure he didn't fall or eat grass, and this year, we were able to sit and enjoy our picnic lunch with our friends while he wandered around the property playing with his. So much more relaxed!

After the picnic and a failed nap attempt, we headed to my Mom's new place for a dinner. (Have I mentioned that my Grandma - Oliver's Great Grandma - is staying with my Mom in town for a couple of weeks? It's fun for the kids to get to know her.) So, we decided that each family should make a pizza from scratch, then bring it to Mom's for baking and judging. It was great, tasty fun and, in case you were wondering, we took second. :)

After supper and such, Oliver and Beatrice discovered the new lounge chairs on Mom's back patio and set about enjoying them as 2-year-olds should.

And that, friends, was concluded our intensely busy weekend. (If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I managed to sleep in past 10:30 this morning out of sheer exhaustion from our fun fun fun! I feel better now!)

And now, for a matter of business completely unrelated to Oliver's handsome Kanye West-style sunglasses (borrowed from Bea, actually).

I am officially giving you two days notice for this week's Way Back Whensday! In the future I'm planning to announce the following week's theme in the current week's post. 'Cause I'm organized like that. But, for this week, the theme will be: Senior Pictures!

I just can't wait to see what y'all come up with. So, fire up those scanners and get ready for some good way-backs! Who knows, maybe this week will be the most participation yet! :)


Tracy said...

you know what's wild and crazy?? I was going through pictures the other day and ran across my senior pictures. I actually though to myself "I better keep these out for a way back whensday". lol. That was on saturday. Crazy crazy!

So, my pictures are at the ready!

Heidi said...

Hi Raechel - I came across your blog from a link to Ryan site on Josh's site...Weird how this all works! I just started blogging and thought I'd say hi!