20 January 2011


Ten months old already!

In the past month, our dear Hazel, you have:
- become a pickier eater! You now don't like cauliflower, broccoli or applesauce. So funny since you used to eat just about anything. But I suppose you were bound to start developing food preferences eventually.
- been very content just to crawl wherever you want to go and like learning to walk just about as much as you like cauliflower.
- demonstrated an enormous interest in babies and dolls. You could spend hours in the doll aisle at Target if we let you.

And the very best thing you have accomplished in the past 30 days?

Dear daughter, you are FINALLY sleeping through the night!

That's right. 7pm to 7am, then a quick moment of nursing and back in bed until breakfast at 8. Oh, how I love my REM sleep! It has been a long ten months and I am so thrilled to be finally sleeping through the night right along with you!

Love you baby girl! We are so proud of you!


and since you'll ask...
Shirt from Target
Bloomers made by me, sewing pattern by TieDyeDivas
Boots from Hoolie Hoo


Jen said...

Beautiful girl! And YAY for sleeping through the night! For both her and for you. :-)

Shanna said...

Oh my, I love the bloomers! Any chance you might put some up in your Etsy shop? I have a little girl that is 6 months, and she would totally rock'em:)

Hazel is precious!

Raechel said...

I'm not sure if that particular pattern can be reproduced for sale, but I can look into it. If not, I'll bet I can find another patter that is or I can purchase rights to one. How serious are you? Do you really want me to make you a pair?

Brittany said...

Oh my gosh! VERY CUTE bloomers! I would be interested in them as well! :) When Abby turns one, we wanna do a smash cake session and I think all I want her to wear is a diaper under some super cute bloomers!! We are going with a 'pink' John Deere theme! & then of course a huge bow or something! ;) hahaha

Rachel said...

Oh my! What a little sweetie! I just love to see her (and Oliver) grow! They are beautiful. Also, yay for sleeping.

I have a cute give away going on at:

Raechel said...

Shanna & Brittany,
Contact me through my Etsy shop (link on my sidebar) and I'll see what I can do!


Melissa S said...

Ten months already?! Time flies!! We celebrated sleeping thru the night with our 13 mo old, until the dreaded molars....ahhhh. Back to waking up again. But 2 out of 4 are in so there is an end in sight :)

Magda said...

My daughter just turned 10 months old today, too...but she's not quite sleeping through the night yet. She gets up to nurse 2-3 times! What tips do you have??? This is new to me, as my 3 year old was sleeping through the night at about 3 months old. I'm TIRED!!!!!!

Lizzie said...

Oh I adore that first photo! She looks so deep in thought. I miss snuggling her, and seeing the rest of the Myers. Love you!

The Buchanan Family said...

I love those blooms, will you be selling those in your etsy shop?

Tracy said...

did you do anything special for the sleeping through the night? Isaac is going backwards, lately.

Emily said...

YEAH FOR REM SLEEP!!! She is precious and has amazing thighs! :)

Chantelle said...

wow! 10 months :)
beautiful little girl. Glad you are getting some much needed sleep. It makes such a huge difference.

Judith said...

I *was* pleased with myself when I made a Valentine applique shirt during Heidi's short 45 min. morning nap & then stoked when we had a stretch of 6 hours of sleep last night UNTIL I read your tweet of a 5+ hr nap, saw your unbelievably gorgeous dress & now read you are getting full nights of REM sleep??? Way to deflate my bubble ;)

Maybe 10 months will mark sleep for us too!!! 3 weeks & counting :)

Raechel said...

Oh Judith,
Appliqueing a Valentine's shirt in 45 minutes is no small feat!!! I haven't even thought ahead to Valentine's day yet... you're more on top of things than you give yourself credit for!

Here's to more sleep all around!! :)

Shandell said...

so happy for you, sleep is a glorious and often underrated thing!
Did it just click for her, or did you do some sleep training? Just curious what worked for her.

Raechel said...

For those of you that asked about how we got her to finally sleep through the night:
Our pediatrician suggested using the Ferber Method (you can google it if you're not familiar) and we finally, in desperation, committed to what we expected would be 3-4 nights of crying it out alternated with quiet reassurance every five minutes or so.

The first night when she woke up at 3am I just woke myself up and committed to being awake for a while. I sat in the hallway with our iPad and read a book on it while the stopwatch app alerted me every time five minutes had passed.

I was up for about 2 hours that night. She would settle herself on her own and fall asleep, but she just kept waking up every 15 minutes or so. I knew not to go back down to bed because pulling myself out of my warm blankets would only frustrate me.

The second night was easier and I was only in the hallway for an hour or so and I only went to her every 8 minutes instead of every 5. (She wasn't crying for that whole time, again she was just waking up a lot feeling like she needed to nurse, then falling asleep again).

By night three I didn't even have to stay upstairs with her. I think she just got it. At 10 months and her weight, she had no caloric need to be awake and eating. She had a habitual cycle of waking up and we were supporting it by going to her and replacing her pacifier. The pediatrician pointed out that if the girl can crawl the way she does, she can certainly replace her own pacifier if she needs it.

And that's how we did it. I may as well have made this a blog post!

Hope this helps! (Though I know some of y'all have babies that have been sleeping through the night since they were 6 weeks old!)


Our Family said...

So grateful for you sharing your sweet baby Hazel. She is adorable. Thanks for the happy bright posts. They brighten my days.

Rachel C said...

Thanks for that info, Raechel! I'll have to ask my doctor about it this morning. Adleigh is underweight, so we still feed her when she wakes up at 13months old. She started sleeping through the night just in time to get sick, and now she's up all the time. I'll do some googling on the Ferber method to see if it's something we can do!

Sarah said...

What fabric did you use for the bloomers? I love the bright colors!

Kristen L said...

Ive never commented before but I just wanted to let you know that Hazel and Oliver are adorable...as are you...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the projects that you do. How you find the time to do them is a different story.

I have a Valentines project in my head....just need some material from my mom and the confidence to do it...I would LOVE to find the time and patience to learn to sew more.

Raechel said...

The blue dots are Amy Butler, the small yellow print is Heather Bailey, and the other two ruffles are anna maria horner :)

Sarah-Anne said...

again with the baby chub and the legs. double love!

Kimberley said...

Another sleep question - although not a sleeping through the night one (our 7mo old is amazing and sleeps 12 hours. I know!) Anyhoo...we're about to be relocating for my husband's job, and there is always the possibility we'll have to put the boys in the same room (3 in a few weeks and 7 mos). How do you do it with both kids in one room? Doesn't H wake O up? Or viceversa? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Raechel said...

Kimberly - Oliver is a nice, heavy sleeper for one thing. Also, a lot of nights they don't go to sleep right away. Almost habitually now they play and chatter and Hazel stand in her crib giggling at Oliver while he entertains her for a while before they can wind down.

There are drawbacks. He sometimes wakes her up in the morning and vice versa. But, it definitely works. And on the nights when he's staying overnight at my Mom's she doesn't know what to do with herself. It's weird and hard for her to fall asleep in the room alone!

Hope that helps!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 10 months, Hazel!